Maned Wolf, Size, Height, Habitat, Sound, Diet, Brazil, Facts

The Maned wolf is a large canine from the land of South America. It is mainly found in Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, and Paraguay regions. In Uruguay, they are almost extinct. Though the markings are similar to foxes, these animals are neither wolves nor foxes. They are the only species of the Chrysocyon, meaning the “golden dog.”

Can Dogs Eat Kiwi, Fruit, Skin, Seeds, Peel

“Can Dogs eat Kiwi” Kiwi is a fruit that is loaded with vitamins and is considered one of the most nutritious fruits as it contains vitamin C and potassium in abundance also its nutritional value is more than most citrus fruits. As far as dogs are concerned, yes they can have kiwis. But you should

Basking Shark, Size , Mouth Closed, Teeth, Diet, Attack, Eat

Today, we’ll talk about the world’s largest shark. It’s known as the Basking Shark. Their feeding habits are well-known. They behave in a non-aggressive manner. Are they, however, human friends, or do they pose no threat to humans? Read this blog to learn more about Animals. At a length of 4.6–6 m (15–20 ft), the

Monitor Lizard: Things you didn’t know about them

We’ll talk about the Monitor lizard today. In the Genus Varanus family, it is regarded as a very huge lizard. Since they are easily searched lizards, we will inform you about them today. Introduction The Varanidae family includes the huge lizard known as the Monitor Lizard. They have substantial bodies, long necks, and robust tails.

How Long Do Parakeets Live

What Is the Life Expectancy of a Parakeet? Before considering keeping feathered pets like parakeets, you must know, “How long do parakeets live“? Parakeets are parrot species of small-medium size. They have a distinct character of long tail feathers. So, if you are looking to pet birds, parakeets are a good option! Do you know

Can Cats Eat Grapes Jelly, Raisins, Juice, Fruit

Cats may seem the wise eaters for their picky nature. However, if we have the freedom to decide on behalf of our pets, Can Cats Eat Grapes? Certainly not! Grapes are the nutrients packed food, but they are not suitable for your cats! They may be the perfect evening snack for us humans, but they

How often do you take a cat to the vet

Cats are the cuties. How often do you take a cat to the vet? is the most common question of a feline owner. Remember, your pet’s health depends entirely on the care regime you follow. A pet cat can live ten years longer than an outdoor cat! Are you wondering about the routine vet care

African Dwarf Frog

The African dwarf frog is a native amphibian of Equatorial Africa.. As they primarily originate from streams and rivers, they spent their whole life in water. They are often treated as pets. If you want this addition to your aquarium, you must check out some of the crucial facts. One of them is that they

Pixie Frog

How many of you love reading about frogs? Have you ever heard about Pixie Frog? These giant frogs are known as one of the biggest in the world. They are large frogs in an olive-green color found throughout Southern Africa. They are heavy-built frogs with large heads and mouths. They are usually larger than a


If you care about your dog, you must want to know everything related to your pet. Today, we’ll discuss Bordetella. It is a bacterium that is responsible for respiratory disease in dogs. Sometimes, it is confused with Kennel’s cough. But don’t get confused. Both are different terms. To know what’s the difference between them, read

Why does my dog smell like fish

Like humans, the Dog also has odor. But sometimes, it is unbearable for an owner to live with the foul smell. Some owners think, “ Why does my dog smell like fish?” Well, it is not just the smell that is noticeable. But you should also think, why does it happen? If your Dog smells

Do dogs get tired of barking

Dogs might be forever companions due to their friendly and playful demeanor, but sometimes, Constant barking is one of them. Even if you do not own a dog and are still a dog lover, you might ask yourself, Do dogs get tired of barking? You might be passing through a street and have often experienced

Kennel Cough

Is Your dog coughing so much? It might be the sign of Kennel Cough, an infectious respiratory disease. It is highly treatable in common but can be severe sometimes. This disease is curable, but your dog needs proper care and treatment to deal with this issue. Like you hate being sick. Your dog also hates