Pixie Frog: Guide to The Second Largest Frog in The World

How many of you love reading about frogs? Have you ever heard about Pixie Frog? These giant frogs are known as one of the biggest in the world. They are large frogs in an olive-green color found throughout Southern Africa. They are heavy-built frogs with large heads and mouths. They are usually larger than a


If you care about your dog, you must want to know everything related to your pet. Today, we’ll discuss Bordetella. It is a bacterium that is responsible for respiratory disease in dogs. Sometimes, it is confused with Kennel’s cough. But don’t get confused. Both are different terms. To know what’s the difference between them, read

Why does my dog smell like fish

Like humans, the Dog also has odor. But sometimes, it is unbearable for an owner to live with the foul smell. Some owners think, “ Why does my dog smell like fish?” Well, it is not just the smell that is noticeable. But you should also think, why does it happen? If your Dog smells

Do dogs get tired of barking

Dogs might be forever companions due to their friendly and playful demeanor, but sometimes, Constant barking is one of them. Even if you do not own a dog and are still a dog lover, you might ask yourself, do dogs get tired of barking? You might be passing through a street and have often experienced

Border collie poodle mix

Border collie poodle mix is a mixed breed between the border collie and poodles. This offspring of the border coolie and poodles is also known as bordoodle or borpoos. These dogs are highly intelligent and willful. They inherit these qualities from their parents. Bordoodles are friendly and affectionate. Due to this nature, they get attached

Cane Corso

Today we’ll discuss Cane Corso, an Italian breed of mastiff. It is a breed of working dog that likes to do work. If you are lonely and need company, this breed is the right choice for you. He is a family dog, but they hate adjusting to other pets. So, if you already have one,

Kennel Cough

Is Your dog coughing so much? It might be the sign of Kennel Cough, an infectious respiratory disease. It is highly treatable in common but can be severe sometimes. This disease is curable, but your dog needs proper care and treatment to deal with this issue. Like you hate being sick. Your dog also hates

Why do dogs lick your feet

LICKING BEHAVIOR IN DOGS: WHY DO DOGS LICK YOUR FEET  While analyzing their behavior, one odd question that often comes up in mind is: why do dogs lick your feet? Dogs are believed to be the most loving and loyal beings on earth. They can be your forever friend and a companion for a lifetime. But

Brindle French Bulldog

The Brindle French Bulldog is known to have a long-term association with the humas. They are particularly popular for ideal companionship and offering security to their owners. Bulldogs have an assorted variant. Each one of these breeds is distinctive in various aspects. They are one of the rare Brindle French Bulldog breeds. In fact, they


We all wish that our Rottweiler remain healthy all their life. This could only be achieved through nutritious food, a dosage of exercise, and care. To know how to care for your pet, first, you need to know their behavior and requirements. This blog will share their health, price, food, exercise and training information. So,