Afghan Hound

Today we will know about the most eye-catching breed of dog that is the Afghan Hound. This creature is very famous for its long and silky hair. This majestic breed is one of the world’s oldest breeds and comes from Afghanistan. This sensitive animal has a very low tolerance toward pain so they can not handle harsh owner who does not treat them well. So, If you are fond of this breed then this article will help you understand them. 


  • This is the most eye-catching breed among all dogs.
  • They are famous for their elegant as well as amazing beauty.
  • It is distinguished by its thick, thin, silky coat and tail that curls at the end. It could survive in freezing temperatures, which is why it is reared in Afghanistan’s high mountains.

Second Name

  • The King of Sight Hounds is another name for an Afghan Hound.
  • It is so named because it belongs to the majestic breed, which is one of the world’s oldest breeds.


  • It is a hunting dog that originated in Afghanistan’s hill country.
  • It was formerly thought to have originated in Egypt thousands of years ago; however, no proof for this theory exists. It was brought to Europe by British soldiers returning from the Indian-Afghan border battles in the late 1800s.


  1. Scientific Name: Canis lupus familiaris
  2. Origin: Afghanistan, Pakistan, and northern Indian
  3. Group: Hound
  4. Coat: Long and fine
  5. Coat Color: Fawn, gold, brindle, white, red, grey, blue, cream
  6. Weight: Afghans weigh between 50 and 60 pounds on average (23 to 27 kilograms).
  7. Height: The male Afghan hound is approximately 27 inches tall, while the female is approximately 25 inches tall.
  8. Lifespan: 13-17 years
  9. Personality: Aloof, self-confident, strong-willed, and independent
  10. Hypoallergenic: Yes


Sensitivity Level

  • They are sensitive and lively animals who do not respond well to harsh handling, so be kind to them.
  • Also, they have a very low tolerance toward pain.


  • Puppies of this breed can be socialized with kids of all ages. It is better to introduce an older dog to your family with older children.
  • You know very well that this breed is friendly. So, if they get the chance to socialize with kids from the time they are puppies they can be good with them.

Other pet friendly

  • Unless your pet has grown up with other family dogs, they should be the only family pet or surrounded by pets of similar size.
  • Also, they have a very strong pet drive.

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Care They Need

Food & Diet

  • Like all dogs, they flourish on a high-quality, protein-rich diet.
  • It should have approximately 2 to 2.5 cups of dry food each day, split into two meals, while wet food can be used to supplement dry food in part or altogether.
  • They have a high prey drive.


  • They are a high-energy breed that requires at least two hours of daily exercise.
  • Off-leash walks are important since they need to be allowed to run around.
  • They require a lot of mental stimulation through games and activities in addition to their regular walks.


  • Afghan Hound, despite their intelligence, can be difficult to train due to their rigidity.
  • They are extremely sensitive to harsh discipline, which frequently results in rebellion.
  • Gentle instruction and firm discipline work best for them.


  • The hair of this breed is long, thick, and silky, with a fine texture. The coat does not need to be trimmed or clipped because the dog wears it in its natural state.
  • Brush and comb the thick, short hair afghan hound three times a week to prevent or eliminate knots and tangles, and bathe him as needed.
  • To avoid infections, trim the nails at least once a month and keep the long, hanging ears clean and dry.

 Health Problems

All dogs, like all humans, have the potential to develop hereditary health concerns. Talking about this breed they may develop many diseases such as

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia,
  • Juvenile cataracts,
  • Thyroiditis, an autoimmune illness that destroys the thyroid gland,
  • Laryngeal paralysis
  • Bleeding diseases such as von Willebrand disease

List of Mix-breed Dogs

Some of the mixed breeds of this breed are-

  • Afanador
  • Affairs
  • Afghan Chon
  • Collie
  • Afghan Retriever
  • Afghan Sheepdog

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  • In the United States, they are a rather uncommon breed.
  • They are ranked 113th out of 189 breeds in the American Kennel Club, with 1 being the most popular and 189 being the least popular.

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  • Long haired afghan dog. It is the breed with long hair. So, the owners of this breed look for different hairstyles.
  • Here, we will tell you some amazing hairstyles that you can try on your pet. These are French braids, classic hairstyling, and low ponytail.
French Braid of Afghan Hound
French Braid of Afghan Hound


  • They are highly intelligent dogs.
  • Professional King of Sight Hounds experts rate these dogs on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most intelligent.


  • It has six to eight puppies.
  • This creature loves its young ones.


The majority of pet-quality King of Sight Hounds cost between $600 and $1,000.


It can run up to 40 miles per hour.


  • It is strong-willed and independent, aloof and self-assured, true to its origins as a hunter bred to think on its own.
  • It has been described as extremely brave but maybe timid, flighty but occasionally quiet and lethargic, stately but clownish, and dignified but clownish.

To Buy/Adopt Them

  • The appearance of this breed attracts people to buy it. Even some people adopt them too. You should get them from a show breeder who breeds them to a certain appearance standard for dog shows.
  • Dog rescue organizations sell Afghan Hounds. They are commonly sent to Rescue because they demand so much care or are difficult to train.

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  • King of Sight Hounds in good condition cost between $600 and $1,000.

Fun Facts

  • Any shade or a mix of colors, including black and brown, can be worn by an Afghan Hound.
  • They are a quieter type of dog, although they do bark and growl, as well as communicate with their bodies by wagging their tails.
  • When it comes to training, they are known to be among the stupidest dogs, but that does not indicate they are not bright. It just means they aren’t very good at taking command.
  • A male adult is referred to as a ‘dog,’ while the female is referred to as a ‘bitch.’
  • We may see ‘Mandarins’ in Afghan hounds, which are unique traits. This breed has some dogs with facial hair that resembles a Fu Manchu mustache on their lower jaw. ‘Mandarin’ is the name of this unique trait.

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Afghan Hound-FAQ’s

Is an afghan hound a good family dog?

Because of their friendly and caring temperament, Afghan Hounds are excellent family dogs. Puppies of the Afghan Hound breed can be socialized with kids of all ages.

Do afghan hound shed a lot?

No, they are low shading breed. They have only one coat so, the ideas of sharing do not goes well with them.

Can an Afghan Hound be left alone?

The Afghan Hound is a loyal companion who demands individual attention. So, leaving them for an extended amount of time might not be a good idea as they get violent.

Do Afghan hounds like to cuddle?

In the heat, cuddling with them isn’t nearly as enjoyable. It’s great to cuddle with an Afghan Hound on a cold night.

Do hound dog have health problems?

Like, any other dogs, Afghan hound have also many disease.

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