Pixie Frog: Guide to The Second Largest Frog in The World

How many of you love reading about frogs? Have you ever heard about Pixie Frog? These giant frogs are known as one of the biggest in the world. They are large frogs in an olive-green color found throughout Southern Africa. They are heavy-built frogs with large heads and mouths. They are usually larger than a

Sea Urchin

It is a fascinating aquatic creature that is only active at night. Sea Urchin is its name. They come in a range of colors to choose from. Guess what? Humans can eat them, just as lobster and crab. Yes, it’s high in protein and good fats. In Japan, the dish known as Uni is well-known.

Basking Shark

Today, we’ll talk about the world’s largest shark. It’s known as the Basking Shark. Their feeding habits are well-known. They behave in a non-aggressive manner. Are they, however, human friends, or do they pose no threat to humans? Read this blog to learn more.¬† Basking Shark It is the solitary member of this family that