Red-Crowned Crane

The Red-Crowned Crane, commonly known as the Japanese crane, receives its name from its appearance. This creature has a red cap-like covering on top of its head, giving it an elegant appearance. These birds are very social and chose to live in flocks. In Japan, these birds are regarded as a symbol of marital commitment, just as


Human thinks they are a good hunter. But today in this article we will tell you about the most talented bird which is the Osprey, a good and skilled hunter. Known by the name fish hawk, river hawk, and sea hawk, they belong to the Pandionidae family. This sharp-sight bird is a symbol of victory

Common Crane

Do you know the Common Crane is one of the four crane species that is not listed as endangered? This awesome-looking, the medium-sized crane is widely found in Europe. A naked red crown and a white streak ran from the eyes to the upper back from below. This bird seems to be wonderful. If you are

Sandhill Crane

Each type of crane has something unique in them. Sandhill crane is one of them. This elegant creature has a wide range of habitats. Do you know, from living in an open habitat which includes, freshwater wetlands to cultivated, they fit everywhere? They live in northern Canada and also in northern Mexico. While they also

Types of crane Birds

Can you think of any animals that were around millions of years ago? It is the crane. In this article, we will tell you about the Top 15 types of Crane birds. According to experts, scientists have found fossils of early cranes in North America. Each crane species is unique, but they all share some

Airedale Terrier

This strange-looking dog is known as a ‘King of terriers’. They have a lively personality and enjoy doing something all the time. This one is a good babysitter for your babies. This is an Airedale terrier and they are very energetic. If you are a dog lover then you must read this article which improves