How Long Do Parakeets Live, Captivity, Without Food

What Is the Life Expectancy of a Parakeet? Before considering keeping feathered pets like parakeets, you must know, “How long do parakeets live“? Parakeets are parrot species of small-medium size. They have a distinct character of long tail feathers. So, if you are looking to pet birds, parakeets are a good option! Their life expectancy


This bird represents the Good News. Hummingbird, indeed. It is a little, vibrant bird. They are available in the colors brown, blue, green, purple, red, and pink. But this bird needs special attention. Read this blog to learn how to take care of them and what to feed them. Introduction They are typically little birds,

Mourning Dove

It is a Mourning Dove. They are known for their sound. It is a medium-sized bird that looks elegant. To know more about them read this blog.  Introduction  A widespread dove that is elegant, small-headed, and has a thin tail. The swift, bullet-straight flight of mourning doves allows them to perch on telephone lines and


Today we will discuss Egret. This is a unique bird with long legs. But their tail is very short. They have white feathers throughout their body. Mostly they eat fish but to know more about their food and habitat read this blog.  Egret Bird  They have long, curved necks and legs. Long and sharp, their


We’ll talk about Pheasant today. They are famous for their hearing and eyesight. They are quickly able to locate their prey at a distance. It is also very difficult to hunt them. Pheasant Bird They are substantial gamebirds with lengthy tails. The males have dark green heads with red faces wattling, as well as beautiful chestnut,

Turkey Vulture

It is Turkey Vulture. They are large birds. Read this blog to learn more about them. Introduction They are large, dark birds with long, broad wings. They have long tails that cross over their toe tips while flying and long “fingers” at the tips of their wings. Except for eagles and condors, they are larger

Pileated Woodpecker

Today we will discuss Pileated Woodpecker. With its name, it is clear that it belongs to the woodpecker family. To know more about this breed scroll below.  Pileated Woodpecker It has a red crown, white stripes on the face and neck, and a primarily black body. On their cheek, males have a crimson stripe. The

Barn Owl

That’s a Barn Owl. They have the color white and appear to be quite pale. Since they are uncommon, finding them is difficult. Read this blog to find out where they reside and what they eat. Introduction They have a pale personality, with black eyes. They are white on the face, body, and underwings, with

Quail Bird, Eggs, Babys, Food, California, Blue & Bobwhite

Quail Bird look like sparrows & with compact, stocky bodies and long, pointed wings, they have a characteristic body shape. They are small, short-tailed birds. To know how they look, where they live, and what they eat read below. These small birds are related to pheasants and sparrows. Scientific Name of Bird Coturnix coturnix. There

Blue-footed Booby

We’ll talk about the Blue-footed Booby today. It is a marine bird, and its blue feet are the reason why it got its name. Read this blog to learn more about their way of life, their diet, and their residence. Introduction The Blue-footed Booby, like other seabirds, is awkward on land, which is why the

Fruit Bat

The enormous flying foxes are what they’re called. They do not, however, eat insects like other bats. Fruits are consumed by them. You guessed correctly. Fruit Bat is its name. Do you know what the Nipah Virus is? Nipah Virus was spread by this species. Read this blog to know more.  Description These Bats, often

Shoebill Stork Size, Height, Sound, Location, Flying, Wingspan

Whether it was a pet or a wild animal, we focused on all of them. So, today we’ll talk about the Shoebill Stork. This tall bird has a fantastic-looking bill. Aside from that, they have a lot of interesting characteristics. As a result, read this article to learn everything there is to know about these

green cheek conure

Green Cheek Conure Parrot can be funny and outgoing. However, they are also slightly shyer as compared to the other types of birds. There is a lot of fun to play with a variety of toys, as well as an expansive cage for running around in. The green cheeked parakeet (Pyrrhura molinae) or green cheeked conure