How Long Do Parakeets Live, Captivity, Without Food

What Is the Life Expectancy of a Parakeet? Before considering keeping feathered pets like parakeets, you must know, “How long do parakeets live“? Parakeets are parrot species of small-medium size. They have a distinct character of long tail feathers. So, if you are looking to pet birds, parakeets are a good option! Their life expectancy and health are the pivotal factors. These charismatic birds are social. 

Who Are Parakeets?

In This Image, Who Are Parakeets?
  • The word “parakeet” is derived from the French word “perroquet.” Parakeets are generally referred to as medium or small-size parrots with long-tailed feathers.
  • In America, this term is used for one of the species of parakeets known as budgerigar. Their diets primarily consist of seeds.
  • There are around 115 species of parakeets in the world. All the parakeets have distinct features of tapering long tails and slender bodies. 

How Long Do Parakeets Live?

The parakeets are the fragile ones. Handling them with care will increase the lifespan of the birds. Moreover, they will be happy, healthy, and active. As they get exposed to the new environment, they may become anxious and hostile for some time. Thus, it would help if you took care of the basics like:

  • Nutrition & Diet
  • Adequate Exercise
  • Safe Environment 
  • Communicating with The Birds 
  • Vet Visit

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What Are the Symptoms of Parakeets Getting Old?

A parakeet in the domestic stage can have 10-15 years of life. Understanding the age of your pet is essential. Once you know the trick of identifying the age, the seller cannot deceive you. Check out the following tricks to know:

Check the Head 

Birds under 3 or 4 months old have stripes from forehead to neck. The stripes start to fade at 12-14 weeks when they first mold. As soon as the stripes fade, the cap feathers start to grow from this place. Seek out the yellow or white cap. A bird without stripes means it is more than three months old. 

Check the Eyes 

Young birds less than four months old usually have dark eyes. With age, the color changes to grey and light brown. 

  • Light Black Color– Less than four months old
  • Dark Grey– 4 to 8 months old
  • Brown or Light Grey– More than eight months old

Note: The color of the eyes also varies from species to species. For example, Albinos have red eyes, so this observation does not apply to them. 

Eating Pattern

When a parakeet touches the six-year-old band, they show less inclination toward food. This sign has little accuracy compared to the other two. However, these are common symptoms once a bird is over six years old.

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What Is the Life Expectancy of a Parakeet?

Life Expectancy of a Parakeet
In This Image, What Is the Life Expectancy of a Parakeet?
  • Many parakeet owners have often questioned, “How long do parakeets live as pets“? The average life expectancy of the bird is 10-20 years. The upper limit can sometimes extend to 40 years.
  • Many factors like hygiene, diet, proper care, etc., also determine their lives. In the wild, exposure to predation may end their life soon. Take a look at the following table:
Name of the Bird Lifespan
Lovebirds 10-15 years
Canaries 10 years
Budgies15-20 years
Amazon Parrots25-70 years
Lorikeets12-30 years
African Gray Parrots 40-60 years
Finches 4-9 years
Pionus Parrots25-30 years
Cockatiels8-15 years
Macaws 30-50 years (As per the species)
Cockatoos18-60 years

How To Know That The Parakeet Is Sick?

If you are a beginner, you are unaware of the symptoms of illness that your tiny companion exhibits. If you find any of the below symptoms, contact the vet now:

  • Runny or Wet Droppings
  • Sleeping in the Day
  • Parrot Fever
  • Hot Fee
  • Dehydration

What Are the Abnormal Symptoms in Parakeets?

Abnormal Symptoms in Parakeets
In This Image, What Are the Abnormal Symptoms in Parakeets?

If your bird suddenly starts behaving unusually, do not get angry! It can be an underlying illness forcing your bird to behave abnormally. 

Abnormal Behavior

  • Irritation
  • Biting
  • Agitation
  • Change in the regular behavior
  • Unexpected tame attitude

Abnormal Breathing

  • Coughing
  • Nasal discharge
  • Wet or wheezed breathing
  • Breathing through mouth
  • Bobbing tail with every breath
  • Excessive sneezing


  • Hot Feet
  • Increased Lethargy

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What Health Conditions Mostly Affect Parakeets?

There are many health conditions a parakeet can suffer from. The primary reasons can be improper feeding, an unclean environment, etc. 

  • Candidiasis
  • Parasite 
  • Injuries


Parakeets are loved and preferred due to their charisma and social nature. They are also excellent pets for people who have just decided to adopt these feathered creatures. Have you ever wondered what do’s and don’ts you must follow if you pet one & “How long do parakeets live“? The life expectancy and the health of the parakeets also depend on those rules! Please do not ignore them!

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How Long Do Parakeets Live as Pets?

A parakeet’s life expectancy depends on the bird’s maintenance. If you maintain them well in captivity, they will be fortunate to lead a complete life of 10 years. However, life expectancy also depends on the species. As they are exposed to threats in the wild, they live shorter lives.

How Long Do Parakeets Live Without Food?

Many animals can stay without food for days. However, with parakeets, the scenario is different. They can die without food in just 48 hours. Their metabolism is extreme;y fast, making them sick in just a day (24 hours).