Brindle French Bulldog

The Brindle French Bulldog is known to have a long-term association with the humans. They are particularly popular for ideal companionship and offering security to their owners. Bulldogs have an assorted variant. Each one of these breeds is distinctive in various aspects. They are one of the rare Brindle French Bulldog breeds. In fact, they are one of the magnificent pooches worldwide. Their charming physical attributes like singing personalities and small bodies are going to give you a great petting experience! However, before you rush to your nearest pet store to adopt one, you must have a thorough understanding about the breed.

A Brief Insight about the Brindle Frenchie

These pups are the charmers. The history of the dogs dated back to the mid-nineteenth century. These dogs are the products of crossbreeding of Persian rattlers and Toy Bulldogs of England. Their big bat-like ears make them one of a kind. The square large head is covered with prominent wrinkles.

Their noses are too short with those heavy wrinkles above. Underneath the shiny and polished coat lies the muscular robust body. Since they bark less, your neighbors won’t have any cause of irritation. Contrarily, their sharp sense of awareness is favorable for adopting them as watchdogs. They always share a special bond with the humans.

Do you desperately want to pet a Brindle French Bulldog puppy?  You can right away get one of these doggos.

Why should you get a Brindle Frenchie Bulldog?

The dogs are a well-known global pet. Their gentle behavior and tiny sizes make them an epitome of gentleness and cuteness. These pups’ adorable nature is the reason you get one. The French Bulldog Brindle are completely safe for couples, families with children, elderlies, etc.

There are other perks being a Brindle French Bulldog paw-rent?

  • They have a highly alert nature.
  • An adequate training and proper socialization allow them to easily get along with the other cat or dog siblings.
  • They are very playful and seldom bark.
  • The pupps love cuddling. So, next time you are home from work, play with the furry ball. It will help to reduce both your and your baby’s stress.

Fun Facts about Brindle Frenchie Bulldog

Their quirky irresistible playful nature makes them one of the desirable pets among the worlds. Before you adopt one for your child or for yourself, check out these amazing facts:

  • They are of low maintenance. They do not need daily outdoor visits, daily potty trips. So don’t need to worry!
  • These adorable breeds are too likely to have depressions if abandoned for a long time. So, make sure you spent a considerable amount of time with your pets every day.
  • Brindles are obedient when it comes to training. Sometimes, they may not cooperate or get stubborn. To avoid such circumstance, you must reward them with motivation and rewards.
  • The babies love the company of other kids or playful humans. But a keen observation is always necessary.

What is the Different Colored Brindle French Bulldogs?

These bulldog breeds are undoubtedly the best of all! All they have is positivity, positivity and positivity! They are the perfect combination of intelligence and prettiness. Choosing the right colored dogs can be a bit intimidating.

You can cast away all your confusion, as we have summed up the list of all the French bulldog brindle. They are usually of dark colors, rather their shades are a combination of patterns and colors.

  • The black French bulldog puppy possess black stripes that makes the texture unique. The coat is much alike as that of the tiger coat. Thus, they are often known as the tiger dogs.
  • The other shades comprise of different brown shades or shades of blonde.

The color of the dog depends on its parent’s genes. Hence, it is not at all surprising to witness the blue Brindle French Bulldog like:

  • Fawn
  • Chocolate
  • Blue
  • White
  • Fawn

What are different types of Brindle French Bulldogs?

The various tones of these Frenchies are due to the experimentation of the breeders. They are constantly pushing their experimentation to reach the limit. They are widely popular only because of their exotic colors:

  • Brindle French Bulldog- The Brindle color French bulldog is the traditional one. They have a pattern of light strands with dark colored hair. The Agouti gene controls the dark pigmentation.
  • White French Bulldog- The white colored adorable pups are born due to certain genetic combinations. It is due to albinism. They have a dark patch around the nose, eyes and lips.
  • Lilac French Bulldog- This colored Frenchie are one of the rarest. Thus, they are costlier than the other variants.
  • Tiger Brindle French Bulldog- The pattern of the tiger Frenchie is more distinguished compared to the rest of the other types.
  • Pied French Bulldog- These dogs have an eggshell white color along with black spots at any part of the body.
  • Fawn French Bulldog- They are one of a kind. The color shade varies from yellow to cream. These French bulldog colors have black mask.
  • Chocolate French Bulldog- This color comes from the chocolate-colored genes of the parents.
  • Pure Black French Bulldog- The color is due to recession of black gene. The Black brindle French bulldog is almost on the list of disqualification. They have dark brown- or sapphire-colored eyes.
  • Cream French Bulldog- The cream coat is due to the gene dilution of the fawn Frenchie.
  • Sable French Bulldog- They are like fawn but with a twist. The dogs are dark mahogany in color and have black hair on the forehead.
  • Merle- This is one of the desirable dog puppies. Since it is the trending color, it is high on demand.
  • Isabella- The likely condition of alopecia is caused to give such a color to the Frenchie.
  • Blue Sable- The blue brindle French bulldog has bluish coat on top of the fawn coats. The color has its unique charm.
  • Blue- This is another likely condition developed due to alopecia.

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How to take care of your adorable Frenchie?

With just these few caring hacks you are good to go with your everyday parenting regime. If you follow these steps diligently, you are a great hooman! All the best!

  • A Balanced Meal: The adequate diet is essential for their overall healthy and to maintain their smooth coats. The meals must include water, healthy fats (oil and meat), vitamins, minerals, good carbs, vegetable, fruits. Feeding them with preservative added food is a big no-no!
  • Grooming: To maintain a healthy coat you must be particular about grooming. You can take it for a good shower about four times a year or brush the fur in a routine manner.
  • Keeping up with the vet visits: You must make sure that your adorable pet is at the best of its health. Visiting the vets in at least every six months is highly recommended.
  • Follow the Basics: Whenever you take your pet outside for a quick walk trip, be conscious about the sun. They cannot bear excess heat as they have thin fur coating. Moreover, you should also be conscious about any water body near you. They are not a good swimmer as they have broad chests.
  • Crate Training: The brindles are the attention seekers. They love the attention of their loved ones. If they are isolated for a long time, they are likely to suffer separation anxiety. Thus, crate training is required for them. 

How much is the cost of Brindle French Bulldog?

Honestly, they are the expensive dog variant! If you are looking to adopt one of such expensive ones, then you are reading the right article. You will not be surprised to know that your favorite breed is always in high demand.

The purebred process always involves huge cost. The Brindle French Bulldog inherit their colors from the parent genes. These rare color breeds involve loads of complexities at the time of reproduction.

The average cost will range around $ 3,500. The cost of the rare or the exotic varieties will range from $6,000 to $ 12,000. Do not back off reading these prices!

The breeders around you may offer you an affordable deal since the price greatly varies on the location and the store.

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How Can I Find a Brindle French Bulldog?

If you want to be a Brindle parent, you have lots of options ahead of you. They are:

  • Contact your nearby breeder: Since these breeds are rare, finding the one with a perfect health may need some time. You must check their health before adopting one. If the condition while breeding is not hygienic enough, they may suffer from diseases. There are many breeders who in order to make fast cash do not maintain the cardinal rules of breeding. Before binging into the parenthood, make sure you have gone through the temperament check, background history and health condition of the pup.
  • Reach out a Rescue Centre: Many people after taking home a Frenchie realize that it is not their cup of tea. Thus, they leave their dog at this adoption centers. These adorable pups are homeless and hungry to have a proper home and affection. Adopting a dog is the best way because it is not only an affordable way but also giving the best to the deprived!

What are their exercise needs?

The Brindle French Bulldog has little to no exercise requirements. If you are a lazy bum and want to be a parent, it is your ideal companion! However, you must be aware of the following exercise regime:

  • They love to sleep and snuggle at home. But you must take your dog to walk at least once a day. It is advisable as the short walk of 30 minutes can also be a potty trip.
  • You can walk it to a coffee shop or can play with the pup in parks. No need to be afraid of their behavior as they love socialization.
  • In cold days, the best way to keep your dog active is to play with them inside and engage with other interests.

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Where Did Brindle Come From?

In the 1800s, blood sports were the trending ones in Britain. Then, the breeders got clicked with the new idea of money making. They started breeding dogs for the shows. These shows showcased these dogs which were popularly called ‘Toy Bulldogs’.

During Industrial Revolution, these dogs were sent to France where their population have risen.

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Is Brindle rare in French bulldogs?

Yes, it is a rare breed featuring more varieties.

How much is a brindle French Bulldog worth?

The Brindle French Bulldog typically starts from $ 2,500. They price may reach to $ 12,000 depending on the color varieties.

How long do French Bulldogs live?

They have a lifespan of around 10-14 years.

What is the most popular Frenchie color?

The color of the Frenchie is primarily from the parental genes. They usually come in variety of color like Fawn, Chocolate, Blue, White and Fawn.

Can French Bulldogs swim?

The French bulldogs are not an expert swimmer because of their broad chests.

What is the rarest color of Frenchie?

The rarest color of the Frenchies are: blend of tan and blue, lilac, tan and chocolate and blue.

What are the types of Brindle French Bulldogs?

There are huge varieties of Brindle French Bulldogs: Brindle French Bulldog, White French Bulldog, Lilac French Bulldog, Tiger Brindle French Bulldog, Pied French Bulldog, Fawn French Bulldog, Chocolate French Bulldog, Pure Black French Bulldog, Crème French Bulldog, Sable French Bulldog, Merle, Isabella, Blue Sable, Blue

What Are The Health Issues Of Brindle French Bulldogs?

Earlier, these bulldogs were more prone to various complicated diseases such as breeding struggles, ear discharge, labour difficulties, obstructive airways syndrome, etc. However, a little more consciousness of the pet owners will help them to live a healthy live.

Where Can You Find A Brindle French Bulldog Breeder?

There are hundreds of Frenchie dog breeders. Make sure to choose the top-notch ones. Adoption from a good breeder ensures a healthy pup.
What are the common recognized colors for french bulldog?
Ans: The French bulldogs typically have black or brown shades. They can also sometimes have different shades of blonde coat.