This will be the correct choice for you if you want a pet that behaves well in front of visitors that come to meet you. Brittany is a dog breed. This bright and attentive medium-sized dog is a joy to be around. Keep in mind that they do not enjoy being left alone at home for an extended period. Thus, before bringing them to know about them properly. As a result, we’ll tell you about their history, their food and diet, and the exercise they require.


  • It is a medium-sized dog with a compact body.
  • The tail of the breed is either docked or missing.
  • Its double coat is dense and either flat or wavy.
  • They can make fantastic pets.

Second Name

The other name for this breed is Brittany Spaniel.


Some of the names which you could choose for your pet is-

  • Holly
  • Rosie
  • Cain
  • Kishi
  • Rave
  • Empress


  • It was bred to have an acute sense of smell and the capacity to easily point out animals during a hunt, and was named after the French province where it originated. As a result, poachers have become particularly fond of this particular breed.
  • During the mid-nineteenth century, French sportsmen are thought to have crossed smaller land spaniels with English Setters to create the current form of this breed. By 1907, France had registered the first Brittany (also known as Épagneul Breton).
  • They first arrived in the United States in 1925. Originally known as the “Brittany Spaniel,” it was shortened to “Brittany” in 1982. The Brittany region is still popular today due to its exceptional bird-hunting abilities.


  • Scientific Name: Canis lupus familiaris
  • Origin: France
  • Group: Sporting Group
  • Coat: Dense, flat, or wavy hair that’s never curly or silk.
  • Coat Color: Tri-color, Orange, and white, liver and white, black and white.
  • Weight: 30-40 pounds
  • Height: 18-21 inches
  • Lifespan: 12-15 years
  • Personality: Attentive, intelligent, happy, quick
  • Hypoallergenic: No


To learn about someone, it is essential to know them and have a keen understanding of them. Behavior is the best way to understand anyone’s personality. So, here we will feed you with some information about this breed.

Sensitivity Level

  • They are a delicate breed.
  • They are recognized for their sensitive behavior, and they are often offended by loud voices and harsh remarks.
  • They require gentle, constructive teaching as well as someone who will not abandon them at home for extended periods.


  • It is a sociable, bright, and energetic dog.
  • His kind behavior is ideal for children, and he doesn’t mind a little play fighting.
  • They are eager to please and quick learners, and they appreciate being taught basic obedience.

Other Pet friendly

  • They get along with other pets and are welcoming to visitors.
  • They enjoy being around other dogs, and they can also get along with cats if introduced to them at a young age.

Care they Need

There’s a lot of information about Brittany ’s care below, Continue reading to get answers to all of your questions about caring for your pet.

Food and Diet

  • They need nutritious food that won’t make them gain weight while also maintaining their muscle strength and bone development.
  • Providing them with the proper nutrition helps you to enjoy their wonderful characteristics for many years. Your doggy needs a lot of protein and carbs for strength, but she also needs to be at a healthy weight.


They have a high intellect. They won’t want to play games that aren’t enjoyable and fulfilling. Because they are stubborn, a good positive prize training session and a positive Leadership Program are strongly suggested.

  • Every day, take your dog for a stroll. It activates both the mind and the body.
  • Every day, practice a few of your instructions to keep your dog’s mind active.


They must engage in the intense movement for at least an hour each day. If your pet does not receive enough exercise, she may become neurotic and destructive. They are intelligent creatures who require both mental and physical stimuli.

  • They need several long walks or jogs every day.
  • They need to run and play fetch.


Grooming is an essential part of every pet. Being an owner you should always take out time for your pet. Here are a few pointers to get you started:

  • You can cut the long hair that grows between your dog’s toes.
  • Some of them have a lot of hair on their necks, which can make their necks appear thick if it’s curly or wavy.
  • Shave the hair on the front and sides of your dog’s neck if you like a neater appearance.
  • Cut their nails regularly.

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Health Problems

Brittany Spaniel is prone to bacterial and viral illnesses, such as parvo, rabies, and distemper, that affect all dogs. Except that there are many more diseases to be counted and they are-

  • Canine Hip Dysplasia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Epilepsy
  • Bacterial and Viral Infection

List of Mix Breed 

  • Aussie Brittany
  • Brittany Beagle
  • Brittnepoo


They do not need any hairstyle. So, we are unable to suggest any hairstyle.


  • A healthy Brittany Spaniel can run with you for several kilometers, but if your dog picks up an interesting scent or encounters a bird or squirrel, your run will be cut short.
  • They love being outside and will appreciate lengthy, brisk treks of five miles or more. They can run at the speed of 25mph.

To Buy or Adopt 

  • Adopting a Brittany Spaniel is substantially less expensive than buying one from a breeder. Adopting a Brittany costs roughly $300 to cover the costs of caring for the dog before adoption.
  • Buying from breeders, on the other hand, might be excessively expensive. They normally cost between $1,000 and $3,500 depending on their breeding.
  • Adopting a Brittany Spaniel from a rescue that specialized in Brittany is the simplest option.


  • On average they can give birth to 1-10 puppies.
  • You should feed your puppy three to four meals every day.


Normally, a puppy costs around $750 on average. There are numerous websites dedicated to adoption and breeding.

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  • They are a keen learner that is full of energy.
  •  They make a great family dog. Their sweet behavior makes them suitable to adjust with kids.
  • They require minimal grooming and at least one hour of physical activity on daily basis.

Good and Bad About Them


  • It is a breed that is clever, easy to train, and friendly.
  • They get along well with other pets and are sociable with houseguests.
  • It excels at dog sports such as flyball, dock diving, and speed because they are bright, trainable, and enthusiastic. A well-trained Brittany Spaniel is frequently willing to take on practically any challenge.
  • They are known for their gentle nature. So, they require positive training.


  • Keep in mind that temperament heredity is less predictable than physical characteristics like size or shedding. Raising and training have an impact on temperament and behavior. So, keep that in your mind before buying this breed.
  • It is a restless breed that is susceptible to barking or roaming excessively. The importance of early obedience, sociability, and daily exercise cannot be emphasized.
  • They are prone to bacterial and viral infections

Fun Facts

  • They were treasured by medieval hunters and poachers because of their all-around flexibility. They developed hundreds of years ago in the Brittany region of France.
  • Originally known as the Brittany Spaniel, the American Kennel Club (AKC) eliminated the word “spaniel” from the name after determining that the dogs are more of a pointing breed than spaniels.
  • More Brittany than any other Sporting Group breed has received the title of Dual Champion. In fact, in 2006, the breed received its 500th Dual Champion title. The title is only awarded to dogs who have been declared both Show Champion and Field Champion.
  • The long legs and light bones of this breed contribute to the breed’s extraordinary speed and quickness.

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Why is Brittany not a Spaniel?

They are bird dogs to the core, with a mix of spaniel, pointer, and setter breeds among their predecessors. Although the breed is still known as Brittany Spaniels in many countries, the American Kennel Club (AKC) deleted the word “spaniel” due to the dog’s strong pointer features.

Can Brittany Spaniel eat apples?

It is advised to not give them an apple to eat, but they make a great snack if you remove the skin and cut them up before serving.

Do they have a sensitive stomach?

Yes, like many other dogs, it has a sensitive stomach. As a result, the pet food you select is crucial to your dog’s diet.

How much does Brittany Spaniel shed?

They are simple to care for. Brush their coats once a week and offer them a wash or dry shampoo as needed to keep them in good shape. They don’t have a lot of shedding.

What human foods are good for dogs?

Chicken, Pork, Lean beef, Salmon, cheese, and yogurt are some of the food items that are also given to dogs but they vary with the breed. So, ask your vet first what is good for your pet or read our article on pets.