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You must bring a Brussels Griffon if you want a pet that is easy to transport and loving. They are small dogs with a very lovable nature. They are not, however, suitable for children. But, for many individuals, they are excellent. Although, before making any selection, you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages. We shall discuss the diet and attention they require in this article.

Characteristics of Brussels Griffon

Scientific NameBelgium Griffon
Coat ColorBlack, Belge, Black & Tan, Brown
Height7-10 inches
Weight8-10 pounds
Lifespan12-15 years
Sizeweight 6 to 14 pounds & 7 to 10 inc. tall
PersonalityHighly Intelligent, smart, and alert
TemperamentSelf-important, Inquisitive, Watchful
Speeds30 kilometers per hour
Bite force556 PSI
  • They are little dogs with a square bodies huge, round heads, and very short noses.
  • In old folk songs, their black muzzles and whiskers earned them the moniker “bearded dogs.”
  • Griff’s body is the broadest and most robust, and he trots purposefully like a man who knows what he wants.
  • They have limited tolerance for isolation and will stay close to their special person for years, offering love and fun.
  • Belgium Griffon is the other name of this breed.
  • According to the American Kennel Club, it ranked 89th out of 200 dog breeds.

Smooth Brussels Griffon

  • Smooth Brussels Griffons are small designer Dog Breeds. They are super delicate and smart dogs. Smooth Brussels Griffons are purebred dogs. 
  • They require regular care and grooming. Brushing, trimming and bathing should be done on regular intervals. Brussels Griffons requires a moderate level of exercise or physical activity. 

Ewok Brussels Griffon

  • Ewok brussels griffon is a famous creature character from Star Wars. Ewok is nothing but a fictional creature, which was inspired by the physical appearance of a dog breed called Griffon Bruxellois or Brussels Griffon. 
  • The direction team of Star Wars got inspired by the Brussels Griffon’s dog and later invented a fictional creature called Ewok. This fiction first appeared in the movie ‘The Return of Jedi’.

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  • Brussels Griffon dog is sensitive dogs who, if mistreated, develop into fear biters, or dogs who bite out of fear rather than anger.
  • They are not suitable for young children, regardless of how well-intentioned the child may be.
  • They get along well with household dogs and cats, but unknown dogs might make them hostile. Rodents, birds, and reptiles, for example, should be kept away from them.

Care they Need

Caring for your pet is very important. These dogs can have either a smooth or a rough coat, making them suited to a wide range of situations and care routines. It’s also crucial to be aware of their dietary requirements and other requirements. Carry on reading for more information.

Food and Diet

  • They are prone to gaining weight, their Dog Nutrition should include biologically adequate proteins, healthy fats, ground bones, and vegetables rich in necessary vitamins and minerals for maximum activity and well‐being.
  • Every day, have 1/4 to 1/2 cup of high-quality dry food, divided into two meals.


Here are a few more suggestions:

  • Praise, clickers, rewards, and patience are the most effective training strategies.
  • Breeders recommend Puppy Kindergarten and Beginning Obedience training for all Griffon owners because they provide alternate methods of discipline.


  • Daily Walk
  • Free Play
  • Mental stimulation


  • They should be brushed regularly because if their coat isn’t kept in good condition, it will become ruffled and their hair will become coarse. Brush them with a bristle brush and a metal teeth comb.
  • Every 6-8 weeks, your dog should be bathed. Brush the dog thoroughly to eliminate any dead hair or mats.

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They do need any hairstyle but to enhance their look you can give them a cute and unique haircut. Some of them are-

Brussels Griffon Short Hair

Brussels Griffon Short Hair
In This Image, Brussels Griffon Short Hair
  • Short hair is one type of Brussels Griffons dog. They have very rough, uneven, and coated hair. 
  • Short-haired Brussels Griffons are less likely to shed. Being a short-haired dog, its maintenance cost is lower. 
  • Short-haired Brussels Griffons shed only on a seasonal basis. Unlike the long hair of Brussels Griffons, they do not have long hairs over their nose and mouth. 

Facial Hairstyle

Brussels Griffon Facial Hairstyle
In This Image, Brussels Griffon’s Facial Hairstyle
  • Because griffon puppies’ faces are frequently covered with hair, they require a unique method of grooming that area of their body.
  • Face hair must be trimmed in any Brussels Griffon Puppy haircut. Consider forming it into a circle.

Brussels Griffon Long Hair

 Brussels Griffon Long Hair
In This Image, Brussels Griffon Long Hair
  • Long hair Brussels Griffon dogs are the most attractive and fascinating among the griffons. They have longer and smoother hair than short hair Brussels Griffon
  • They shed more often to lose unwanted hair, giving space for new. 
  • They are required to be groomed on a weekly basis. 

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Brussels Griffon Mix

  • This breed is an outcome of a cross between a Brussels Griffon and any other breed of dog. This mixed breed is very popular among designer dogs. They look very cute and exotic at the same time. 
  • The resulting offspring inherit features from both parents and most of them are sensitive and affectionate. Brussels Griffons mixed breeds are mostly seen as show dogs and are suitable for apartments and flats. 

Brussels Griffon Pug mix

  • This mixed breed is an offspring of a Pug Griffon. When compared to other breeds it is a smaller breed and quite uncommon. 
  • They are lovely dogs who love to play with their pet parents, requiring very little exercise. 
  • Weighing around 3.5 to 6 kgs, their average lifespan is 10 to 15 years, and are most compatible with small spaces. 

Brussels Griffon Chihuahua Mix

  • This is a crossbreed also known as ‘The Chussel hybrid’. This breed is short and considered to be a show dog. They had resulted from multi-generation crosses. 
  • They are very energetic and fast-reacting dogs, so it is best advised to pay proper attention to them to avoid any self-hurting injury. 
  • The average weight of Chessel dogs is around 3 to 5 kgs and live an average life of 12 to 15 years  

Shih Tzu Brussels Griffon Mix

  • Commonly known as Shiffon, this mixed breed comes from Griffon and Shih Tzu cross. 
  • They are a great match for those living as single with limited space. Minimum care and grooming are required by Shiffons. Shiffons are easily involved with kids and other pets.  
  • They have a normal lifespan of 10 to 14 years and carry an average weight from 4 to 7 kgs, whereas some mature go up to 9 kgs.

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 Brussels Griffon Puppy/ Puppies

  • Brussel Griffon puppies are one of the easiest breeds to train. They are very loving and great companions. 
  • They are energetic and obsessive when it comes to their owners. 
  • Brussels Griffon puppies need regular interaction with their pet parents, as longer separation may cause anxiety disorder. 
  • They require regular care and it is extremely important to feed them at regular intervals. 

Brussels Griffon Rescue

  • There are so many Brussels griffon rescue groups and NPOs working for the welfare of the Griffon.

Brussels Griffon Adoption

  • There are numerous qualifications you need to meet before adopting a Brussels. Rescue teams offer the adoption of Griffon on condition that the owner should be paying regular attention and care to them, and the adopter must have a happy and able family. Children in a family must not be rough on the dog. 

Brussels Griffon Price

  • When bought from a rescue organization Brussels is available on a donation of $250 to $500 depending upon the place you live in. Stronger and more adult Griffons are generally priced a little more.

Fun Facts

  • These Brussels are sociable, loving, and lively, and they make excellent watchdogs.
  • The city of Brussels was founded in the 17th century.
  • Because of their energetic behavior, they are not advised for the aged.
  • They are Belgian royals. In carriage houses and stables, griffons were utilized to hunt rats.

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Brussels Griffon- FAQ

How Much Does a Brussels Griffon Cost?

Being designer and show dogs, Griffons are a little rare and cost from $ 1500 to $ 3500. Long-hair Brussels are costlier because of their unique long facial hair. The price may vary as per their size, gender, and quality in different countries.  

What Does Brussels Griffon Eat?

Brussels can survive on ordinary dog food. But if you are more concerned about their health and diet,  it is recommended to add protein, fat, vegetables, and other nutrient-rich food. However, feeding them heavy food may cause problems. 

How Much Are Brussels Griffon Puppies?

There is no such price gap between adult and puppy Brussel Griffons. Usually, if you visit a pet store to buy a Griffon puppy, it would cost you anywhere between $800 to $3000. But if you decide you adopt one then it would be way cheaper (around $200 to $1000). Some mixed breed Griffon puppy prices may vary, but there is no major price difference.

How Big Are Brussels Griffons?

Brussels are small-sized designer dogs. They are short when compared to other breeds. Their average height is 7 to 9 inches which is much shorter than other dog species. 
With exceptional cases, some Griffons may go up to 11 inches. Their average weight is just 3 to 5 kgs, which again makes them a smaller breed.