Cairn Terrier

Do you hear about Cairn Terrier? A dog from the Terrier group is very active and gets bored easily. They have a unique double coat and to know why it is unique read this article. You will also get a lot of information regarding domesticating them. In this article, we will tell you about their food, color, and behavior.


  • It has a unique dual coat. The coat is warm, water-resistant, and dirt-resistant.
  • If a Cairn isn’t maintained, it has a long, shaggy coat that ‘drops’ when grabbed.
  • Because the breed’s role was to hunt and chase prey between the cairns in the Scottish highlands, it was given the name Cairn.
  • They have dark ears and a dark muzzle.

Second Name

The second name for this breed is short hair sky terrier.


Depending on their coat’s color here are a few suggestions for their names-

  • Ginger
  • Shadow
  • Rusty
  • Ruby
  • Toto

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  • Cairns was first classified as “Skye Terriers” with Scottish and West Highland White Terriers in the Scottish Highlands and the Isle of Skye.
  • The three breeds began to be developed individually in the early 1900s.


  • Scientific Name: Canis lupus familiaris
  • Origin: Scottish Highlands
  • Group: Terrier Group
  • Coat: Long and shaggy
  • Coat Color: Black, brindle, cream, grey, red
  • Height: 9-13 inches
  • Weight: 10-16 lb
  • Lifespan: 12-15 years
  • Personality: Hardy, intelligent, fearless, and active


Dogs are hard to handle in many ways. Their aggression, habit of drooling, and barking capacity may irritate you sometimes. So, it is very necessary to know about their behavior in case of domesticating them. Thus, here are a few pointers that might assist you-


  • It is a sensitive dog, despite his independent attitude.
  • He is easily hurt, and scolding or strong corrections do not sit well with him.


  • The Cairn Terrier loves children and is quite patient with them.
  • In fact, he adores the chaos and loudness that comes with children.
  • In terms of other pets, a well-socialized and trained Cairn is likely to get along with and respect the rest of the family.

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Other Pet Friendly

  • The majority get along with other dogs, but some can be a handful.
  • Other domestic pets may be chased, but cats may be trained to coexist.

Care They Need

Like all other pets, they need your care and time. Caring for your pet is not only crucial for them but also you. It strengthens your relationship with your pet.

Food and Diet

  • However, because Cairn Terriers are prone to gaining weight, their food should include biologically adequate proteins, healthy fats, ground bones, and vegetables – which are high in important vitamins and minerals – for maximum activity and well‐being.
Cairn Terrier Dogs
Cairn Terrier Dogs


They are recognized for being lively little creatures who enjoy being stimulated all of the time. They require up to an hour of physical activity per day. They enjoy being outside, so if you are going to buy them then remember one thing it is very important to have garden space for a cairn.

  • It will stay fit and happy with a long walk or two and plenty of play.
  • A minimum of half an hour of exercise is required.


Cairns is quite cautious when it comes to training. Encouragement and games that keep kids entertained work well with them. They are bright dogs who, like the majority of Terriers, react well to reward-based training. Their attention span, on the other hand, is often lower than that of dogs from other dog breeds, such as working or herding dogs. Here, are a few methods of training that are important to know-

  • Positive encouragement Training
  • Clicker Training
  • Balanced Training
  • Relationship-centered Training


A routine brushing a couple of times a week will serve to keep your Cairn’s coat neat and free of matting. If desired, softly moisten the coat with a mist of water from a spray bottle before brushing. Brush a nice pin (wire) brush through the coat.

Health Problems

We understand that you want to take good care of your dog because you love it so much. That is why we will inform you of some of the health issues that kids may face. Knowing this will allow you to better care for your pet and, perhaps, avoid certain predictable risks.

  • Allergies
  • Cataracts
  • Infections
  • Obesity
  • Parasites
  • Eye Problems
  • Diabetes
  • Knee Problems
  • Bleeding Disorders

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List of Mix-breed Dogs

  • Pekairn
  • Carrie
  • Cairn Tzu
  • Cairnnoodle
  • Cairnauzer
  • Doxie Cairn


They do not need any hairstyle. But for a change, you can use hairclip of different styles.


The average running speed of Cairn is about 18mph.


According to American Kennel Club, Cairn Terrier ranked 73rd.

To Buy/Adopt Cairn Terrier

  • Adopting a Cairn Terrier is substantially less expensive than buying one from a breeder.
  • Adopting Cairn costs roughly $300 to cover the costs of care for the dog before adoption.
  • Purchasing a Cairn from a breeder, on the other hand, can be unreasonably expensive.
  • They normally cost between $700 and $1,000, depending on their breeding.


The litter size of Cairn can range from 2 to 10 puppies.


It is a little, low-maintenance pet that is energetic and devoted, making it an excellent family pet. Adopting or rescuing a pet can be less expensive than having a pet from a reputable breeder, which can cost between $1,200 and $2,000.

Good and Bad About Them


  • They are lively and friendly personalities.
  • Spending time with their family is liked by them.
  • It’s really simple to teach them.


  • They tend to bark a lot. So, think before buying them.
  • They need regular brushing and clipping. So, if you do not have time to groom them don’t buy them.
  • They may fight considerably larger canines since they are bold and fearless.
  • They grow bored soon and begin digging.

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  • It is a good learner who makes an entertaining companion.
  • They enjoy interacting with children and performing magic.
  • It was developed in Scotland over 200 years ago to control vermin in and round cairns, which are Scottish stacked-stone monuments.

Fun Facts 

  • The Cairn Terrier‘s paws and claws are ideal for digging burrows. His front paws are larger and more powerful than those on his rear. On his front foot, he has keen claws and very well pads. He is motivated to dig not just by his physical attributes, but also by his high prey drive and fearlessness.
  • Brindled Cairn Terriers’ coat color can fluctuate a lot over their lives.
  • They shed extremely little and should only be stripped by hand using shears or clippers could ruin the texture of their protective coat.
  • The Cairn Terrier has developed very few immunities or anti-bodies to fight off common infections as a result of selective breeding aimed more toward the dog’s aptitude to hunt.

Reference link 

Cairn Terrier-FAQ

Do Carin Terrier make a good pet?

Cairn Terriers are friendly, well-behaved dogs who make excellent family pets. They’re energetic and tolerant of small children.

Are cairn Terrier good lap dog?

Because of their small size, Cairns may appear to be good lap dogs, however this is not the case due to their working experience. Cairns residents are kind and courteous, yet they are also active and self-sufficient. So, while they make fantastic companions, they aren’t obsessive or sit still for lengthy periods of time.

Do Cairn Terriers like to swim?

Some Cairn Terriers enjoy swimming or spending time in a water body, while others may not be so enthusiastic about jumping into a pool.

How do I identify a Cairn Terrier?

Black ears, a dark snout, and a dark tail tip are all possible characteristics of a Cairn Terrier. Check to see if the dog has two coats. Its coat should be weather-resistant in general, with a moderately hard outer coat and a short, tight, soft, and fuzzy interior coat.

How do I keep my Cairn Terrier happy?

You should exercise these pets in a modest manner. They enjoy going for walks and playing. Every day, take your terrier for an exercise. You can even play with them indoors or in a fenced-in yard.