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Today we’ll discuss Cane Corso Puppies and Dogs, an Italian breed of mastiff. It is a breed of working dog that likes to do work. If you are lonely and need company, this breed is the right choice for you. He is a family dog, but they hate adjusting to other pets. So, if you already have one, don’t bring Corso home. Do you know? Their strength and aesthetic body make them best suited for guarding. However, before bringing them home, know them deeply. 

Cane Corso Puppies & Dogs
In This Image, Cane Corso Puppies & Dogs for Sale

Characteristics of Cane Corso Puppies and Dogs

Scientific NameCanis lupus familiars
Coat ColorBlack, Blue, brindle, Grey, and Red
Height23-27 inches
Weight85-110 pounds
Lifespan10-12 years
PersonalityIntelligent, strong, and aesthetic 
Sleep Hours10 & 13 hours a day
Bite force700 PSI
TemperamentWillful Aloof
Breed SizeLarge (61-100 LBS)


  • Corso is a large and powerful dog. Corso’s are Large Dog Breeds with rectangular bodies. Its head is also large. Well, its body is large, and it is also blessed with a majestic appearance due to its strong muscles. 
  • Corso’s bite force is 700 PSI making it one of the strongest dog breeds which surpass the lion (691 PSI).
  • Compared to puppies, Adults have a more consistent sleep schedule and sleep between 10 and 13 hours a day.
  • You can easily identify them with their broad chest, wide skulls, floppy ears, and crumpled foreheads. For details, you can see their snout, and it is very deep. To know about some different traits like height, color, and weight, Sneak a look below: 

Cane Corso Size

  • Their appearance gives the first impression of a line of defense against intruders. It is also called an Italian mastiff in relation to the Neapolitan Mastiff. Cane Corso size varies from 23 to 27.5 inches from paw to shoulder. Weight varies between 90 and 120 pounds and is related to height.

Corso’s Temperament

  • They are intelligent and intensively loyal to their humans. Generally, in large metropolitan cities, we can find a large number of reliable breeders of Cane Corso for sale.

Cane Corso Color

  • In this breed, Black is the most common coat color. The short coat of the Corso is available in Red, light and dark hues of fawn, light and dark shades of grey, and black.  A brindle pattern—irregular streaks of light and dark color—can be seen on any of these hues.

Cane Corso lifespan

  • The lifespan of Corso ranges from 10- 12 years typically. Some dogs have been known to live more than 15 years or more. The lifestyle, treatment, and health of your puppy all affect your puppy’s age. In many situations, it might change.

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Top 11 Cane’s Mix Breeds You Don’t Know About

Great Dane Cane Corso Mix

Great Dane Cane Corso Mix
In This Image, the Great Dane Cane Corso Mix
  • Is a cross between Kane Italiano and the Great Dane dogs. The breed stands with 35 – 36 inches shoulders and weight ranges from 115 to 130 pounds.

Doberman Cane Corso Mix:

Doberman cane Corso mix
In This Image, Doberman cane Corso mix






  • The combination of Doberman Pinscher and Corso mix well together because of their similar physical and behavioral qualities. It grows from 24-28 inches and weight 75-110 pounds. This breed exhibits a muscular physique and large frame.

Rottweiler and Cane Corso Mix

Rottweiler and Cane Corso Mix
In This Image, Rottweiler and Cane Corso Mix
  • The crossbreed of Rottweiler and Cane called the Rotticorso are strong large dogs. These are better managed when they are kept busy. The Rotticorso possesses rugged strong good looks of both dogs

Boerboel Cane Corso Mix

  • Boerboel and Kane are both very powerful, mastiff breeds known for hunting and guarding. The blending of these inherits in Boerboel mix. These are popular designer dogs that are incredibly loyal and very affectionate towards their human families.

German Shepherd Cane Corso Mix

Can You Really Know German shepherd cane corso mix
In This Image, German shepherd Cane Corso mix
  • The breed of Kane mixed with German shepherd results in highly intelligent and confident dogs. They are eager to please, loyal, and protect their human families.

Cane Corso Pitbull Mix

  • The combination of an American Pit Bull Terrier with an Italian Kane results in an American Pit Corso which is an excellent family companion and guardian dog. It inherits the personality of both its parents

Husky Cane Corso Mix

  • As Husky is only slightly smaller than Corso, the mix will be lighter and thinner than its Corso parent. Mischievous Husky and serious Corso mixes well in breeds. The mix can carry random physical traits of its parents

Bullmastiff Cane Corso Mix

  • The mixed breed of BullMastiff and Corso is a calm and quiet dog and does not bark too much. The breed is known for its fierceness, guarding abilities, intelligence and strength.

English Mastiff Cane Corso Mix

English Mastiff Cane Corso Mix
In This Image, English Mastiff Cane Corso Mix
  • the mixed breed is a fierce companion, a large dog that falls in the middle of each breed’s height and weight averages. The high alertness of the Apollo calms down by joining the friendlier English Mastiff. The hybrid is aesthetic, physical, and intellectually impressive.

Pitbull Cane Corso Mix

  • the combination of an American Pit Bull Terrier with an Italian Apollo results in an American Pit Corso which is an excellent family companion and guardian dog. It inherits the personality of both its parents
  • Pitbull cane Corso mix puppies for sale can be priced around $1000. They are very playful and lovable to be around people

Does Corso Have a Friendly Behavior?

  • Kid Friendly: For families with older children, the Apollo makes a wonderful family dog. When properly trained, the Corso has the tolerance to deal with polite children because they were bred with a calm and reserved disposition.
  • With Other Animals: The Cane may get along with other dogs, but they could be hostile toward their sex. To avoid territorial behaviors while out on a walk or at the dog park, early socialization with other dogs is essential.
  • With Strangers: They are affable and trustworthy toward outsiders. With the right socialization, kids develop into adults who are more aloof and discriminating. As with all mastiffs, socializing is crucial to fostering the right temperament.

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Cane’s Corso Are They Attentive/Tolerance Level?

On Being Alone:

  • A puppy under 4 months old shouldn’t be left alone for more than 4 hours. They need more attention and more frequent pee breaks, an adult Cane may be left alone for 8 to 9 hours during the day.

During Hot Season:

  • The Corso thrives in warm climates by nature. However, your dog will have problems cooling off in really hot conditions. For his comfort, you can get him a cooling pad.

During Cold Season:

  • Your preferred huge dog breed can withstand both cold and warm conditions. However, the Corso is more of a warm-weather breed due to its thin coat. Your courageous warrior will develop an undercoat if you dwell in a place with very cold winters to shield him from the chill.

Good For Beginners or Not:

  • It is not an easy dog to teach since it needs a strong touch, constant positive reinforcement, and frequent socializing.
  • A Corso, on the other hand, is more obedient to its owner and amenable to constructive training than other mastiffs.

What Kind of Exercise Does a Corso Require?

Energy Level:

  • They are large, spirited canines who benefit greatly from training and socializing. Dogs with lots of energy are constantly ready for action. Protecting the home and its inhabitants is their most essential responsibility, and they are constantly prepared.


  • An energetic dog may or may not be vigorous, but they both approach whatever they do with vigor. They are large, energetic dogs.

Potential For Playfulness:

  • They like running and participating in other strenuous activities, even though their placid attitude and stature could suggest otherwise. However, they rarely decline the chance to play fetch, run, or go hiking.

Height and Weight:

  • Corso is a large muscular dog and needs socialization training and exercise to be a good companion. The physical characteristics of Corso are as below

Adapt To Apartment:

  • This dog can live in an apartment and adjust to small quarters by being quiet and peaceful. But since there isn’t much room to play, you’ll have to work harder to give your dog enough exercise.

Colors/Shades of  Corso 

  • According to the American Kennel Club (AKC) and Federation Cynlogique Internationale (FCI), there are seven types of Apollo based on colors. They are black, black brindle, gray, gray brindle, fawn, red, and chestnut. However, there are some other colors, but they are not recognized yet.

Blue Cane Corso:  

  • It is the rare color of the breed combination of Alpha Blue blood and blue Cane Corso which are both very similar in size and temperament. It is priced usually at more than $4500. It’s also called a Blue king Cane Corso dogs, blue king Corso puppy, or blue Italian Mastiff puppy

Black Brindle Cane Corso:

Black Cane Corso
In This Image, Black Brindle Cane Corso
  • They are noticed for their brown or red base and are thus called “tiger stripes.” People think that the stripes are the result of any genetic abnormality. But this is not the case.

Grey Cane Corso:

  • This dog got its color from the recessive dilute gene (d). This gene inhibits eumelanin production in coats of dogs.
  • Gray Brindle Cane Corso: It is slightly different from Grey Corso. It has a brown base color, like the black brindle, and its stripes are grayish or blue.

Fawn Cane Corso:

  • The coat of fawn Corso ranges from cream to brownish tan. According to AKC and FCI, fawn Corso has a black or gray mask that does not go beyond their eyes.

Red Cane Corso:

  • Red Corso results from pigmentation on their fur called pheomelanin. Some Corso has a deep mahogany shade, while others exhibit a pale champagne color.

Chestnut Brindle Cane Corso:

  • It’s another striped dog variety that is not so common. It has a brown or red tone in its base, while its stripes are saturated reddish-brown. Well, in dim light, it appears almost like a black brindle.

Black Cane Corso:

  • The accepted color of the American Kennel Club for the black Corso breed are lighter and darker shades of grey, lighter and darker shades of fawn and red. If you want to share a good decade of life span then go for the black variety of Corso. They are undeniably menacing in their appearance.

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Cane Corso Puppies 

  • Be gentle with the pups. To help them burn off their puppy energy, they require more walks, but those walks should be slower.
  • and shorter because their musculoskeletal system isn’t fully matured until they are around 18 months old. They litter 4 to 6 puppies typical for Apollo litters.

Cane Corso Price

  • Till now, you have been thinking of buying a Thor dog. So, let me tell you where you will find them. In the USA, The price of  Puppies is approximately $2,100.
  • Depending upon the breeder and puppy, you may cost between $800 to $6 000. The price of Corso varies with their color, age, and in which state you are buying it. 

Monthly Expenses

  • You’ll spend at least $100 a month on the best cane Corso dog food and treats alone.
  • If you want insurance, expect to pay at least an extra $100.
  • Toys and veterinary appointments can then be taken into account.
  • Costs as a whole might exceed those of a typical breed.

Cane Corso puppies for sale

  • The price range of Puppies for sale the range between $1500-$2500. Top quality Corso Price can go up to $8500 also. There are pricey but at par with the price of other guard dogs.

Cane Corso Rescue Group:

Many non-profit rescue dedicated communities have come up to save neglected or abandoned Corso. They intend to place the dog or puppy in the best home possible.


Other Quick Facts 

  • People think they are famous because of their size. No size is not the only factor. There are also other factors like a large head and muscular body. 
  • It is an ancient breed from the time of Romans and Greek battles. 
  • They think a lot about their owner. Whether it is about your happiness, grief, or anger, they think they are the reason for their owner’s mood.
  • It thrives on stimulation, both mental and physical. They will remain satisfied if you give them the job. 
  • King Cane Corso Dogs thrive on companionship; they walk every single minute with you.  


  • So, this is a breed with High-maintenance. They are big dogs with big hearts. What is waiting for? Get up and buy Thor if you need company. In recent years Corso is very popular and among the top 25 most popular dog breeds in the US. They are very protective and guard their family. Many of the stories of dangerous Corso are actually about irresponsible dog owners.

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Cane Corso – FAQ’s

Is Cane Corso a Family Dog?

Yes, they are family dogs, and they love their owners. They guard them and protect them. They need an ideal environment to grow. They would feel happy when you are around them.

What Is Corso Known For?

They are known for their loyalty, intelligence and strength. They can be perfect watchdogs. They are extremely devoted to their family. They are also known for their large bodies.

What Are the Best Toys for the Cane’s Puppy?

They like playing. Some of the best toys for Corso are a rubber ball, a kong wobbler dog toy, Nylabone power Chewa, and a kong classic dog toy. Remember to clean their toys regularly. They like playing. Some of the best toys for Cane Corso are a rubber ball, a kong wobbler dog toy, a Nylabone power Chewa, and a kong classic dog toy. Remember to clean their toys regularly.

How Long Did Cane Corso Live?

The average lifespan of Cane Corso is 9 years. It can live for 10 years. However, age is a factor that depends upon the lifestyle, care, and health of your puppy. It may vary in different circumstances. 

Is Corsos Dog Aggressive?

The average lifespan of Corso is 9 years. It can live for 10 years. However, age is a factor that depends upon the lifestyle, care, and health of your puppy. It may vary in different circumstances. 

Does Corsos Shed?

Its coat is short but double-layered. The undercoat of this dog varies in length depending upon the climate they live in. This undercoat is shed throughout the year, especially in spring. 

Is Cane Corso Good With Kids?

Since they are loyal to their family, they do well with the children in the family. But we can not tell about the kids that are completely stranger to them. Otherwise, they go well with babies, toddlers, and older kids with proper training. 

How Much Does Corso’s Weight?

A typical Corsos weight ranges from 45-50 kgs for males and 40-45 kgs for females. Corso is a giant dog breed that attains its full size by the age of two. However, few dogs continue to grow until the Age of 4 or 5 years.

Is It Harmful to My Cane Corso Pup to Live With Another Family Member Part of the Time?

No, it is not harmful. In fact, it is safe, Corso is overly protective and aggressive if somebody tries to hurt the people they love. They may not be the easiest companion for first-time pet owners.

Where can I locate a vet that is not afraid of my cane Corso?

Vets are very friendly with the dogs but if your Cane Corso puppy or a dog is scared then train them before visiting the vet. The scent of the clinic with its strong odor itself may be scary for them.

What Can I Put On My Corso Foot Paws to Help Them Seem Dry and Rough?

Shea Butter, coconut oil, and all-natural paw balms are the best solutions for dry and rough paws of Corso. The best solution is to rub Vitamin-E cream into the pad. Even petroleum jelly creates a protective barrier on the paws.

Is It Legal to Breed 2 Blue Cane Corso and if Not Why?

There is no Blue Cane Corso presented in a breed standard. It is the presence of recessive dilution genes in a normally Black cane Corso. It is officially a Grey Cane Corso. It is legal to breed two Blue Corso.

Is There a Name for a Breed of Cane Corso Boerboel Mix?

No special names are called for the cane Corso Boerboel mix. It is just a “bodyguard dog” or “robust dog”. Cane Corso Boerboel mix of an exciting mixed breed that combines a powerful and agile physique with a balanced and even temperament.

How Much Is Cane Corso Price?

Corso’s Price range starts at $1500-$2500. Top quality Cane Corso price can go up to $8500 also. The important factor in price is the reputation of the breeder and the purity of the breed. They are pricey but at par with the price of other guard dogs. Corso’s price depends on many factors like age, gender, stance, color, and time taken to groom the cane, Corso.