Chinese Crested

If you are energetic and want a company of highly active dogs then this breed is suitable for you. They are Chinese Crested. It is a toy dog that is very happy and can make great company. To know them better must read this article. It tells you about the history of this toy dog. In this article, we will also tell you about the food and care they need.


  • It is a toy dog that is fine-boned, elegant, and graceful.
  • These dogs are lively and attentive, and they make wonderful friends.
  • They weigh five to twelve pounds and stand nine to thirteen inches tall at the shoulder.
  • It’s a dog recognized for its rare coats, which are nearly hairless! (Well, not all of them, to be sure.) But they’re more than just their signature haircut.
  • These hyperactive dogs just have one goal: to warm your heart and your lap.

Second Name

The other name for Chinese crested dog is Crested and Puff.


The suggested nicknames for Crested are as follows-

  • Sam
  • Chico
  • Shorty
  • Beau
  • Fizz
  • Chipper
  • Mini

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  • They descended from hairless dogs from Africa or Mexico (no one knows where) that were shortened by the Chinese.
  • As early as 1530, the Crested is thought to have followed Chinese sailors on the high seas, hunting vermin during and between plague outbreaks (today they can still be found in port cities worldwide.


  • Scientific Name: Canis lupus familiaris
  • Origin: Chinese
  • Group: Toy dog
  • Coat: Soft, silky and short.
  • Coat Color: Black, apricot, chocolate, cream, tri-color
  • Height: 11-13 inches
  • Weight: 5-12 pounds
  • Lifespan: 13-15 years
  • Personality: Affectionate, playful and lively
  • Temperament: Sweet-tempered



  • They have a reputation for being attentive to their owners’ moods.
  • This breed has issues with sunburn and sensitivity to excessive cold or hot conditions.

Kid Friendly

  • They like sweet, gentle children.
  • Children must be of legal age to comprehend the importance of being cautious around these small pets.
  • Crested adore other pets and engage in fun interactions with them.

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Other Pet Friendly

  • They get along well with other dogs, cats, and small animals, making them ideal for multi-pet households.

Care They Need

Food & Diet

  • Dogs are different individuals who require different amounts of food. Your adult dog’s food is influenced by his size, age, build, metabolism, and level of physical activity. 1/4 to 1 cup of high-quality dry food per day, split into 2 meals, is the recommended daily quantity.
  • The greatest diet is one that is prepared at home and contains no additives, preservatives, or fillers. In addition, a home- cooked supper is less expensive than store-bought items.
  • Bones and raw foods such as meats, vegetables, and fruits are also excellent options for them.


  • Because they are such a little breed, they only need 30 minutes of exercise per day.
  • They enjoy a little run around in an enclosed garden in addition to their daily walks. They feel very cold during the winter months because to the absence of fur, thus a warm coat is a necessary.


They are usually easy to teach, although they can be stubborn, therefore patience is required. Because the breed is naturally timid, positive feedback is the only option, and correction must be handled with care.

  • Crate training must be done on a regular basis.
  • Even as adults, some owners are unable to adequately housebreak their pets. But, if you start early and teach your dogs to waste in designated areas, they will eventually understand.

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They need grooming like all dog needs. Specific grooming practices will keep the skin healthy and the coat looking good. Here are a few pointers to assist you in grooming your dog:

  • Several times a week, comb the fur on your dog’s head, feet, and tail. Because the fur is so fine, it is susceptible to tangles if it isn’t properly cared for.
  • Bathe your dog on a regular basis with a sensitive-skin shampoo.
  • After rinsing the shampoo from your hairless dog’s coat, apply a nourishing conditioner to her skin and fur. This aids in the softening of her fur and the smoothness of her skin.
  • Warm water and a soft-bristle toothbrush can be used to brush your dog’s teeth.

Health Problems

The Chinese Crested Dog, which lives for an average of 13 to 15 years, is prone to minor health issues such as ear infections.

  • Deafness
  • Patellar luxation
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
  • Lens luxation
  • Glaucoma
  • Legg-Perthes

List of Mix Breed

  • Chi-chi
  • China Jack
  • Chinese Frise
  • Chinese Crestepoo
  • Crested Apso
  • Chinaranian
  • Crested Beagle
  • Crested Boxer
  • Crested Chin


They are cute little dog. You can give them different kind of hairdo and these include

  • High Pony
  • Free Style
  • Puppy Cut
  • SpaceBuns


According to AKC, they ranked 79 th .


  • The average running speed of this breed is 20.1 mph.
  • The fastest speed a Crested has ever run in a race is 25.61 mph (41.2 kmph), and the slowest speed a Chinese Crested has ever run in a race is 6.61 mph (10.6 kmph).

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To Buy/Adopt

  • Adopting them is substantially less expensive than buying one from a breeder.
  • Buying Crested from breeders, on the other hand, can be unreasonably expensive.
  • However, before purchasing a puppy from a breeder, we encourage rescuing a Chinese Crested (or any dog). Across the country, there are millions of homeless dogs, many of which are purebreds in need of homes.


  • They typically have 1 to 4 puppies every litter.
  • Because they both carry the recessive trait, breeding a hairless female with a hairless male will result in at least one powderpuff dog.
  • If you cross two Powderpuff dogs, none of them will be hairless.


  • Crested Dog puppies are pricey.
  • It can cost anywhere from $1,200 to $2,200 from a breeder, but a show-quality dog can cost upwards of $4,000.

Good and Bad About Them


  • They have high activity level.
  • They are good with other pets.
  • They are good watchdogs.


  • If they are not trained properly they bark excessively.
  • A dedication to skin care is required for the hairless version.
  • They are stubborn.


  • The coats of the Crested dog are well-known.
  • They are friendly, lively, alert, and occasionally amusing and foolish.
  • They get along well with youngsters who have been taught to be kind with them, and they require significant socialization to avoid becoming shy.
  • They are bright, can learn tricks, get along well with other animals, and do not bark excessively.

Fun Facts

  • The hairless crested dog and the powderpuff Chinese Crested dog are two variants of the Chinese crested small-size dog breed.
  • With its fluffy skin and tiny size, the crested dog is a canine breed that appears charming. Crested dogs would make an ideal pet because they don’t need a lot of effort to train.
  • They are known for sitting in high places, such as on the arm of a chair or the back of a couch, and are sometimes described as “cat-like”.
  • They does not require much exercise, and his small stature inhibits him from becoming an agility champion. These dogs, on the other hand, excel at agility competitions. They have bodies that are built for running and jumping, are intelligent, and eager to please their trainers.

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Chinese Crested- FAQ

Does Chinese Crested bark a lot?

Cresteds can suffer from separation anxiety as a result of their sociable and needy nature, which can lead to barking and destructive behaviour. If they’re left alone for too long, they’ll climb and dig to get out. They are relatively quiet dogs when you are there, however they will alert bark.

Are Chinese Crested dogs rare?

Hairless and powderpuff Chinese Crested Dogs are a rare toy breed with two different hair textures. After being utilised as ratters aboard ships, they were evolved for friendship.

What is the ugliest dog breed?

Though several breeds have attempted to claim the title of Ugliest Dog, the Chinese crested stands alone in generating the most unattractive canines. At least 22 times since the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest began in the 1970s, the winner has been a purebred or half Chinese crested dog.

What is China’s most popular dog breed?

According to a survey of Chinese pet owners conducted between July and September 2021, the Siberian Husky was the most favoured dog breed. 14.8 percent of respondents preferred a Chinese field dog, which refers to all native breed dogs in China.

Are Chinese Crested dogs cuddly?

The majority of Chinese Crested Canines get along well with other dogs. They are sociable, friendly, and playful, making them an excellent companion for another dog. In the same way that Chinese Crested dogs are calm with other dogs, they are also calm towards cats.