Shiba Inu Dog, Puppy Price for Sale, Size, White & Black Color

Shiba Inu dog breed was developed in Japan. It is the smallest of Japan’s six distinct spitz breeds, measuring from small to medium in size. “Inu” is a Japanese word that means “canine.” They were initially developed to hunt. Shiba Inu Dog Breed is used for ground-bird and small-game hunting dating back about 3,000 years in Japan. Shiba dogs were created in Japan with other larger breeds such as the Akita, Shikoku, Kai Dog, Hokkaido, and Kishu.


Know about Shiba Inus Facts
In This Image, Know about Shiba Inus Facts
Scientific NameCanis lupus familiaris
Origin Japan
GroupNon-Sporting Group 
ColorRed, Black, Tan, Sesame, Cream
Height13-17 inches
Weight18 to 25 kg.
Lifespan6 to 14 years
PersonalityCharming, alert, keen, and confident 
Bite force200 to 400 PSI

Know a Little About Breed History! 

  • Numerous hypotheses exist regarding the name of the Inu dog. Shiba, which means “brushwood,” is one possible explanation. 
  • Shiba Inu into the country in 1954; little is known about the breed until the 1970s. In 1979, the nation’s first litter was born.
  • The Shiba Inu received full recognition with the Non-Sporting Group in 1997 after being recognized in the American Kennel Club’s Miscellaneous Class in 1993.

Some Points About Shiba Inu Dog Breed 

  • Dog breeds are known for their bold and fiery personality.
  • They can’t trust off-leash because of their hunting instinct. They love hunting and chasing.
  • Shiba Inu Dog are said to run almost as quickly as foxes and may sprint up to 25 mph.
  • Shiba Inu Dog sleep about 10 to 12 hours a day on average. Shiba Inu pups require between 18 and 20 hours of sleep each day.
  • Shiba’s typically bite force of 200 to 400 PSI. Fearsome presences include the Shiba Inu and numerous others.

Physical Appearance 

  • They have small upright ears, a little bit like deer, and have the moving speed of a cat. Their eyes are partly closed, and they have curly tails.
  • Size And Weight: In this breed, the males stand 13-17 inches tall and weigh about 23 pounds. At the same time, the females stand 12-16 inches tall and weight about 17 pounds
  • Shiba Inu Color: There are various coat color shades available for Shiba Inu but a Shiba Inu having a  cream color is very rare. They come in four colors; Red, Black, and Tan, Sesame, and Cream. However, the red color Inu is preferred by many people. The Red color Inu is so famous.  
  • Shiba Inu Puppy: Their litters typically contain four to five puppies. By the time they get one year old, these puppies normally cease developing.
  • Food: They are a robust breed that thrives on a variety of well-balanced diets. They ate wild animals, fish, small game, rice, and vegetables. an adult Shiba will consume between one and one and a half cups of kibble daily. 
  • Lifespan: A Shiba Inu dog can live for 6 to 14 years on average, especially if given plenty of walks. If these puppies are healthy, they can live longer.

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Shiba Inu mix

  • Shiba Inu mix dogs look like a fox, mostly they are very active and energetic. Shiba Inu, when crossed with other breeds, product offerings that are likely to adapt color, behavior, and personality genes from both parents. 

German Shepherd Shiba Inu Mix

German Shepherd Shiba Inu Mix
In This Image, the German Shepherd Shiba Inu Mix
  • This dog breed results from a cross between German shepherd Shiba Inu mix. They can be good companions and pet friends. You can also have a German Shepherd as a guard dog as they are very active and intelligent.
  • This dog is a medium size dog and has a lifespan of 6 to 14 years depending on geographical and other conditions. The average weight of a German shepherd Shiba Inu mix lies between 18 to 25 kgs

Pomeranian Shiba Inu Mix 

Pomeranian Shiba Inu Mix 
In This Image, Pomeranian Shiba Inu Mix 
  • Pomeranian Shiba Inu mix also known as Pom-Shi (Pomshi) is a small-sized dog. This crossbreed dog has a cute and little physique making it a designee dog. 
  • The average life of a Pomeranian – Shiba Inu is between 10 to 14 years. This dog loves to play all day long, making you happily engaged with it. 

Beagle Shiba Inu Mix

Beagle Shiba Inu Mix
In This Image, Beagle Shiba Inu Mix
  • The Beagle and Shiba Inu Mix breed come with features of both the Beagle and Shiba Inu. They are very calm and friendly. 
  • They weigh around 8 to 14 kgs and live for 10 – 15 years. You must be careful because Shi- Beagles are hunting dogs, they can hunt a squirrel, rat, or pet rabbit.

Corgi Shiba Inu Mix

Corgi Shiba Inu Mix
In This Image, Corgi Shiba Inu Mix
  • This dog is an outcome of a cross between Corgi Shiba Inu Mix who is commonly known as Shiba Corgi. At most Corgi Puppies crossbreed is calm and composed.
  • it may turn furious when strangers are directly introduced. The Shiba Corgis weigh between 7 to 15 kgs and have an average lifespan of 10 – 14 yrs

Australian Shepherd Shiba Inu Mix 

Australian Shepherd Shiba Inu Mix 
In This Image, the Australian Shepherd Shiba Inu Mix 
  • The Australian Shepherd commonly known as Aussie – Shiba is a newer crossbreed that was recently introduced. 
  • The Aussie – Shiba is a medium size dog and weighs around 10 – 16 kg. The average lifespan of the Aussie – Shiba is 12 to 15 years

Husky Shiba Inu Mix

Husky Shiba Inu Mix
In This Image, Husky Shiba Inu Mix
  • Husky Shiba Inu mix is a cross-breed offspring of Siberian Husky and Shiba Inu. It is a very attractive, cute, and adorable dog which collectively makes it a designer dog. 
  • Although Husky Inu is very loyal and involves dogs, some pet parents might find it difficult to mold it according to obedience training. Their weight measures around 10 – 14 kgs and have an average lifespan of 12 to 16 years

Pug Shiba Inu Mix

Pug Shiba Inu Mix
In This Image, Pug Shiba Inu Mix Breed
  • A Pug Shiba Inu mix is a beautiful small dog. It is a cute and playful dog that does not need much grooming and care.  
  • Being a small dog, Pug Shiba weighs anywhere between 6 to 10 kgs and lives an average life of 12 to 16 years.

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Know About Their Behavior

The Shiba Inu dog’s temperament is alert, devoted, and energetic, and prefers to create deep ties with its owners. They are an extremely self-assured breed of dog:

  • Sensitive: They are very sensitive dogs. Due to the sensitivity of these breeds, Shiba Inu doesn’t respond well to punishment-based training techniques. 
  • Kid-Friendly: Shiba Inu dogs vary. It is sweet and kind. However, if your youngster treats them rudely, things could get hazardous. 
Know About Their Behavior
In This Image, Are They Kid-Friendly
  • Friendly with Other Animals: However, many Shiba will get along well with another dog or cat if they acknowledge Shiba’s dominance. Shiba can run.
  • Friendly With Strangers: Shiba Inus typically don’t interact well with outsiders. Shiba Inus don’t show their owners a lot of affection. When you first get home, they will undoubtedly be delighted to see you, but after a while, they will get bored.
  • Suitable For Beginners or Not: Then this athletic dog is not a good choice for them. This is also because of their primitive traits. 
  • Does It Adapt To Apartment: Some dogs can’t live in an apartment. But, contrary to this, Inu can fit in an apartment perfectly. For this, you need to train them thoroughly and socialize them. 

Shiba Inu Training: Tips When Training a Shiba Inu Dog

Shiba Inu Training– There are some techniques that you can use to train your dog:

  • It’s best to use just one or two words when giving a verbal command (for example, “sit” or “leave it”). Shiba Inus frequently become disturbed when you speak angrily or agitatedly.
  • As soon as inappropriate behavior occurs, firmly verbally command “no” to correct it. 
  • Shiba Inu dogs are known for their authoritarian tendencies; therefore, socializing with your dog will help reduce aggression towards other pets.

Grooming Your Shiba Inu Dog: They have two coats and shed a lot twice a year. Consequently, they require Grooming.

  • Grooming/Brushing
  • Check Their Ears
  • Bathing
  • Brushing Teeth

Exercise: What Is Required/Physical Needs to Care for a Shiba Inu?

Care for a Shiba Inu & Physical Needs
In This Image, Physical Needs to Care for a Shiba Inu
  • Energy level: They are high-energy dogs. They love to go for walks. They are dedicated to their exercise routine. 
  • Intensity: They are high-energy dogs and perform every task with great energy. They are athletic. They move quickly. 
  • Potential For Playfulness: Some dogs are always ready to play. Well, some are serious. However, they are playful. 

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Health Problems

Shiba Inu Dog may contract one or more of these illnesses, it’s vital to be aware of them if you’re considering getting one of these dogs:

  • Allergies: There are three main categories of allergies. Inhalant allergies, Contact allergies, and Food allergies.
  • Chylothorax: Lethargy, decreased appetite, coughing, and difficulty breathing are all symptoms of this accumulation. 
  • Cancer: Canine cancer symptoms include abnormal swelling of a bump or sore, wounds that don’t heal, bleeding from any body orifice, and trouble breathing or going to the bathroom. 
  • Epilepsy: Seizures from epilepsy can range from mild to severe and are frequently inherited. Unusual behavior, such as furious running as if pursued, stumbling, or hiding, can signify seizures.

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From Where can you Buy/Adopt this dog? 

If you’re looking for a Shiba Inu, adopt one. It is significantly less expensive to adopt a dog than to buy one. We urge you to rescue a Shiba Inu before you purchase a puppy from a Shiba Inu breeder (or any dog). 

Shiba Inu – Rescue Groups


Shiba Inu Puppy for sale

Shiba Inu Puppy for sale is a little costlier than other breeds. Including the registration and other documentation expenses, The Shiba Inu dog would cost you from $2000 to $3000. The Shiba Inu Dog Price may vary according to their size and crossbreed. The most expensive Shiba Inu mix breeds are Shiba husky, Akita Inu, Corgi Inu, and Aussie Shiba. 

  • Market

Shiba Inu Dog Price 

A  Shiba Inu Dog Price no more than $1,000, but today you should expect to pay between $1,400 and $3,500 for one. Shiba Inu puppies with limited registration often Cost between $1,400 and $2,200

Monthly Expenses on Shiba Inu 

  • However, you must spend their food, grooming, and medical care each month. You need to spend about $100 monthly on a healthy and active dog.
  • Inu needs primary vet care every month. Shiba Inu maintenance can be predicted to cost between $1,525 and $8,525 yearly.


The name Shiba Inu, which means “little dog” in Japanese, refers to a smaller form of the Akita breed. It is a Spitz-like breed distinguished by its thick hair, pointed ears, and curly tail. Shiba Inu are well-known for being tidy dogs. 

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Shiba Inu Dog -FAQ

How Much Is a Shiba Inu Dog?

Shiba Inu puppies with limited registration often cost between $1400 and $2200 from reputable breeders. Puppies with full registration range in Shiba Inu Prices from $2000 to $3500. You need to spend on their primary vet care every month. 

What Makes a Shiba Inu Special?

They are absolutely loyal to their master. That is the most special thing about this breed. They are a quick learner and intelligent breed. It is sweet and kind. They are very strong and energetic dogs. They are smart and clever. 

Is Shibu Inu a high-maintenance breed dog?

This breed requires little upkeep. Once a week, brush their coat. They feature a thick double coat that is typically reddish-orange, cream to white, or black at the tips. So, they don’t need that much maintenance.

What Is the Rarest Color of Shiba Inu?

One of the Shiba Inu dog breed’s four available coat colors is sesame. The rarest and most challenging to accurately describe Shiba Inu coat color is sesame.

My Shiba Inu Puppy Has Spots on His Leg. Is This Normal?

Spots on your puppy’s leg are the result of hyperpigmentation. This can be due to various health severities and allergies. If the problem is not severe, the spots may go on their own.

Shiba Inu Dog With a Tail That Looks Sideways. What Should I Do?

If your Shiba Inu dog’s tail looks sideways, It is a common condition called limp tail found in certain breeds of dogs. Your dog may develop this kind of condition as a result of muscle strain.

How Tall Can a Shiba Inu Adult Dog Jump?

An adult Shiba Inu is capable of jumping 3 to 3.5 feet. However, if you regularly train your Shiba Inu with high jumping exercises, it may develop a strength of jumping over 4 to 5 feet of height.

Where Can I Take My Documented Shiba Inu to Participate in a Dog Show?

Shiba Inu is a very smart, adorable, and beautiful dog. They love to show their physical and mental strengths, your Shiba Inu can participate in a dog show if it is documented.