Siberian Husky lifespan, Weight, Size, Colors, Puppies Price for Sale

Do you like furry dogs? Then, the Siberian Husky is the perfect choice for you. It is an athletic and graceful dog that is affectionate too. But, they are not habituated to living in an apartment. However, before purchasing, grab some information about them, and for this, you need to go nowhere. Just sit with your bowl of popcorn and scroll our website. 

Some Highlights of Siberian Husky

Scientific NameCanis lupus familiaris
GroupWorking Group
CoatThick double coat
Height21-24 inches
Weight45-60 pounds
Lifespan12-15 years
PersonalityFriendly, independent & stubborn


Appearance: How Do They LOOK? 

Siberian Husky lifespan, Weight, Size, Colors, Puppies Price for Sale
In This Image, Siberian Husky : How Do They LOOK
  • They are best known for the steady, intent looks of their eyes.
  • They have almond-shaped eyes, which are blue, brown and amber in color.
  • Some have bi-eyes which means one brown eye and one blue. At the same time, some have parti-eyes which means half blue and half brown. They have elongated snouts with white faces and black or brown markings. 
  • They have double-layered insulated coats that are soft and short.
  • Its colors include red and white, black and white and grey and white. In some ways of different, they look like a fox. They are heavily built dogs.
  • Do you know? Siberian Husky weight is 45-60 pounds. However, to understand the size and color briefly read below. 

Siberian Husky Color

  • Siberian Husky colors include red and white, black and white, and grey and white. So, there are White Siberian Husky, Red Siberian Husky, and Brown Siberian Husky. Purest white is the rarest color found in Siberian.

Describe Diff. Type of Colour:

Siberian Husky Size

  • On average, the Huskies males stand between 21-23 inches high whereas the females stand 20-22 inches. The male weighs between 45-60 pounds and the female 35-50 pounds

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How do They Behave?

  • They are always alert. They are friendly, energetic, and fun-loving. Because of its high energy level, they need an active owner. They are a good companion for children. They get along fairly well with other dogs and pets. However, they do not bark too much, but they howl.


  • All dogs are sensitive.
  • Huskies are also gentle and sensitive.
  • Although their temperament makes them firm and self-sufficient, they are extremely sensitive. 

Kid Friendly 

  • They are known for their kind nature.
  • Due to this, they can be good companions for your children.
  • However, don’t leave kids and dogs alone. It might be risky, especially when left for long hours.
  • They also get along well with other family members.

Other Animals Friendly 

  • They get along fairly well with other dogs and pets.
  • They also go well with cats.
  • But rabbits, squirrels and other small birds around them can easily eat them due to their prey drive. 

Friendly Toward Strangers 

  • Generally, they are very friendly towards strangers.
  • They don’t bark unintentionally just for attention. However, they are not shy.

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Tolerance Level 

If you’re keeping Husky, it is very important to know their tolerance level on different issues. 

On Being Alone 

  • If you leave your husky alone at home for long it will howl, groan and vocalize its annoyance.
  • This is the case of separation anxiety.
  • To get rid of this train them to live alone. Also, you can take them to doggy daycare. 

In Cold Weather

  • They can survive in cold conditions due to their double coat.
  • But this doesn’t mean they like low temperatures.
  • They do catch a cold.
  • Do you know a husky can’t tolerate temperatures lower than 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

In Hot Weather

  • Dogs with double and thick coats face many problems during the hot weather.
  • In summer they are vulnerable to overheating.
  • To escape this, they need plenty of water to stay hydrated and cool on a hot day. 

Physical Needs Of Husky 

Energy Level

  • Dogs which have high energy levels are always ready for any activities.
  • Siberian Husky are high-energy level dogs. Sometimes they need to calm and this can be done through training. 
  • But remember, don’t scold them during the training session. 


  • They have tones of stamina.
  • They need high-intensity games to burn their energy and strength.
  • This will polish their muscles. 

Potential For Playfulness 

  • Some dogs are childish by nature for their whole life, Well some are serious.
  • Talking husky, it is also playful. 

Care They Need 

Having a Siberian Husky is not simple, but it is a responsibility you need to bear. In this part of the blog, we’ll tell you some important points in caring for your Husky:

Food And Diet

To maintain the skin and coat of your Siberian Husky, you should feed them nutritious food. Their diet should consist of fruits, grains, vegetables and proteins. They can eat meat/protein, beef, chicken, turkey, fish, pork and eggs.

Some points related to their food: 

  • It is suggested to give 20 per cent protein in summer, while in the months of winter, the percentage of protein should be 32
  • Could you provide them with two meals per day? Each meal should contain up to a cup of dry dog food.

Before fixing your dog’s diet, consider their daily activity level, size, age and other factors because diet varies on these factors. Always monitor your dog’s weight so that it can’t gain weight. 


Your Siberian Husky needs to do exercise to be fit and fine. Your Husky is super active and needs loads of practice. They need 2 hours of training daily at least. Generally, we suggest walking is good but more points are mentioned below.

  • They need playtime. So, always take out time to give them. 
  • Off-lead exercise in a secure area is suggested.
  • Small running with a fixed duration of break is important. 


Training plays a crucial role in your doggy’s life. It makes them comfortable in your family. Also, it helps them to socialize. To train them, you can take them to the experts or coaching. But, it is said that if you taught them by yourself, it makes your bonding strong with them

  • Crate training is good. 
  • Avoid punishing them. Try to handle them smoothly. 
  • Positive reinforcement is also suggested. 


They have a soft and thick coat that needs a lot of care. Their thick skin makes them survive in low temperatures. But in summer, they need more care. 

 Some of the tips regarding their grooming: 

  • Brush your husky once or twice a week. Using a furminator is a great tool for a dog shed heavily. 
  • Trim their nails regularly. Big nails cause them discomfort. 
  • You don’t need them to bathe frequently. 
  • To maintain their teeth, brush them a couple of times a week. 

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Does It Adapt To Apartment?

Yes, this is true. They are not Okay with apartment life. But, people successfully own huskies in small apartments. Many people are holding normal jobs and live in an apartment and adopt huskies. You can make your Siberian Husky by providing these facilities, whether you live in an apartment or somewhere else. These are:

  • First of all, make them house train from an early age. 
  • Just, provide them with physical exercise. For this, you can take them to the dog park.
  • Clean your apartment daily. Since huskies shed a lot. This hair may cause fleas. Cleaning makes your apartment free from fleas. 
  • Provide them with a dog sitter. If you are working and there is no one behind you to take care of your huskies. Then it is better to leave them in doggy daycare till you returned from your job. 

Good For Beginners or Not 

  • Some dogs are easier. They take training easily. But some are stubborn. Handling them is such a tough task. If you’re an expert then handling husky is easy. Otherwise, think twice before choosing this breed. They don’t accept timid owners. 

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Health Problems

They are normally healthy breeds, but they are prone to certain diseases. Normally, they live 11-13 years in one life. But a healthy dog can live up to 13 years, and an unhealthy Siberian Husky lifespan can decrease. Although not all huskies got these diseases, it is important to know about them. It may affect your dog’s life. 

Some of the diseases are mentioned below: 

  • Cataracts: A cataract is an eye problem. Many of you must be aware of this disease. In dogs, this disease cause difficulty in seeing. They have cloudy eyes. It happens when your dog is old, and the vision can be improved by surgery. 
  • Hypothyroidism: It is an underactive thyroid condition that is a very common endocrine disorder in dogs. It makes them inactive. Weight gain, lethargy, haircoat and skin changes are the symptoms of this disease.  
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA): PRA is a degenerative disease that affects photoreceptors cells and causes complete blindness. PRA is detecable so earlier.  
  • Corneal Dystrophy: This is also an eye disease that affects the eyeball’s cornea or outer transparent portion. It occurs due to the accumulation of lipids in the cornea. This disease mostly affects females dog and young adults. Well, it is not curable, but one thing is best: it can’t affect your dog’s vision.

Note: If you’re buying a puppy, ask for health clearances for your puppy’s parents. 

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Precaution To Be Noted… 

  • During summer, they can easily overheat due to their thick skin coats. So, avoid taking them for a walk during the noon time. 
  • They can easily gain weight, so don’t feed them more food. You can consult their vet to make a proper chart for your pet. 
  • Never shave your huskies. Their coat maintains their body temperature. These layers of fur keep them warm and cool both. 

Speed Of Husky

  • They are known as an energetic dog breed. They can reach up to 30 miles per hour. They can run up to 150 miles daily with an average speed of 9-10 miles per hour. 

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12 Most Pet-Friendly Cities in the U.S. 

1Portland, OR
2Asheville, NC
3San Diego, CA
4Colorado Springs, CO
5Boston, MA
6Austin, TX
7Tampa, FL
8Salt Lake City, UT
9Phoenix, AZ
10Seattle, WA
11San Francisco, CA
12Kansas City, MO

Siberian Husky Puppies

  • In the case of healthy Siberian husky puppies, they have 4-6 puppies in a litter. 
  • The number can vary depending on the age and health of your dog. 
  • They are playful and dynamic. They enjoy outdoor activities very much. 
  • Due to their soft fur, their look is highly appealing. 
  • They are friendly and gentle. 
  • They are best companions and are always eager to work. 

Siberian Husky Price

  • This is an expensive dog breed. A purebred can cost you from $ 1 000 to $2,500. Miniature Siberian Husky, Agouti and working Siberian huskies are among the most expensive dogs that, cost up to $3,000

What is the Expense Of Maintaining a Husky Every Month/Annual?

  • It is advisable to consider average annual costs because many dog-related expenses only occur sometimes.
  • They estimate that the majority of owners will shell out around $1000 a year for food, vaccinations, flea and heartworm prevention, as well as other basics for just a medium-sized dog like a Siberian Husky.
  • This works up to around $85 per month, but some months, that will be $40 for kibble, and other months, it will be $300 for the yearly vet appointment and a year’s worth of parasite preventatives.

You Should/Shouldn’t Buy Husky Puppies? 




  • They are so destructive that they can damage your whole house if left alone for long hours. 
  • They are highly active and athletic. This makes them challengings as a pet. 
  • Due to their stamina and intelligence, they are stubborn by nature. 
  • They have digging habits. It can be corrected by early training.  

Some Useful Products

Product NameLinks to Store
YuMove Hip and Joint Supplement
Orthopedic Dog Bred
PetSafe Drinkerwell Multi-Tier Pet Fountain
Furminator Tool

Siberian Husky Puppies For Sale

There are many online platforms from where Siberian husky puppies are for sale available. Some of them are mentioned below:

Greenfield Puppies
Good dog
Puppy spot
Buckeye puppies
Infinity pups

Fun Facts 

  • They were developed as working sledge dogs by the Chukchi people.
  • Do you know? The U.S. Army used them during World War II to rescue downed pilots and cargo. 
  • Because of their look, it is rumored that they are part wolf or can’t be domesticated.
  • Some of the Huskies have multi-colored noses. Their nose is mostly liver-colored, black and pink. This is known as ‘snow nose’. It is said that this nose appears during the colder months and vanishes in summer.    

Rescue Groups 

Many huskies need adoption. There are many rescue groups to protect huskies. Here, are some rescue groups that we have listed. If you need some more information you can contact the national breed club or a local breed club. 

  • Bay Area Siberian Husky Club 
  • Siberian Husky Rescue Site
  • Siberian Husky Club of Greater Cleveland
  • Siberian Husky Assist Rescue
  • Seneca Siberian Husky Club 
  • MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue and Referral Service, Inc.
  • Half Moon Husky Rescue, Inc.
  • Garden State Siberian Husky Club 
  • Delaware Valley Siberian Husky Rescue.


  • Love the Siberian Husky or not? Think twice before buying. Well, this blog contains all the information you need to know about Huskies. They have an amazing look. They are good companions and are easy to maintain. So, what are you thinking? You’ll not find a better-looking dog like a husky

Reference Link

Siberian Husky-FAQs

What two breeds make a Siberian Husky? 

The husky, the large dog with a furry coat, has the bloodlines of two other ancient breeds native to Siberia: the Laika and a type of spitz. They are best known for the steady, intent looks of their eyes. It is a medium-sized working dog.

What dog is closest to a wolf? 

By watching their habit and DNA, it is said that four dogs are closely related to the wolfs. They are the Shiba Inu, Chow Chow, Akita and Alaskan Malamute. However, in some, all dogs are related to wolfs.

What kinds of foods are harmful to Huskies? 

Avocado, alcohol, sweets, sugar, chocolate, salt, onions, garlic, dairy, grapes and raisins, tea, and coffee are some foods that shouldn’t be given to husky. Their diet should consist of fruits, grains, vegetables and proteins.

How old can a Siberian Husky life?

The Siberian Husky can live upto 12 years. The average lifespan of a Husky is 11-13 years. However, their health condition is the major factor responsible for their early death. So, it is better always to examine your dog for a certain disease.

Why does my Siberian Husky stare at me? 

Like human beings stare at someone they adore, dogs also stare at their owners to express affection. Do you know mutual staring between humans and dogs releases the hormone oxytocin? This hormone is known as the love hormone.

Is it Okay to sleep with your dog? 

It is perfectly safe to sleep with your dog if both of you are healthy. It is said that if your dog is your Rommie, it can improve your sleep cycle. So, if you are living alone and not getting sleep on time, then try to share your bed with your pet. This will not only comfort you but also bring back your rest.

Why does my Siberian Husky bite me? 

This is because they are hunting dogs, and as puppies, they begin to practise their skills. When the husky puppies get excited, they will bite you. So, having a younger kid is problematic during the growing age of your huskies.

Can I have two Huskies together?

Having two Huskies together is very common for those who love dogs. Huskies are best companions. They are high-energy and athletic dogs. So, handling two dogs and caring for their exercise could be difficult. However, if you bear two huskies, both play, run and spend their time together, making your task easier.