What Causes Dog Lick Pus Or Wounds & What to Do?

When you see your Dog lick pus, immediately try to stop it. However, if your dog keeps licking pus seek out a veterinarian’s help.  Dogs are so desperate about what happens to their body. They just want to know about anything new and unexplored. It’s just like humans disturbing wounds. It seems so disgusting but

Bordetella Vaccine, Pertussis, Bronchiseptica, Symptoms in Dogs

If you care about your dog, you must want to know everything related to your pet. Today, we’ll discuss Bordetella Vaccine. It is a bacterium that is responsible for respiratory disease in dogs. Sometimes, it is confused with Kennel’s cough. But don’t get confused. Both are different terms. To know what’s the difference between them,

Why does my dog smell like fish

Like humans, the Dog also has odor. But sometimes, it is unbearable for an owner to live with the foul smell. Some owners think, “ Why does my dog smell like fish?” Well, it is not just the smell that is noticeable. But you should also think, why does it happen? If your Dog smells

Kennel Cough

Is Your dog coughing so much? It might be the sign of Kennel Cough, an infectious respiratory disease. It is highly treatable in common but can be severe sometimes. This disease is curable, but your dog needs proper care and treatment to deal with this issue. Like you hate being sick. Your dog also hates