Bordetella Vaccine, Pertussis, Bronchiseptica, Symptoms in Dogs

If you care about your dog, you must want to know everything related to your pet. Today, we’ll discuss Bordetella Vaccine. It is a bacterium that is responsible for respiratory disease in dogs. Sometimes, it is confused with Kennel’s cough. But don’t get confused. Both are different terms. To know what’s the difference between them, read the whole blog.

What Is Bordetella Vaccine For Dogs? 

Bordetella Vaccine For Dogs
In This Image, Bordetella Vaccine For Dogs
  • Bordetella in dogs that causes inflammation in your pet’s upper respiratory tract. If your dog goes out in doggy daycare, grooming, or in the park, it might catch this bacteria from another infected dog.
  • However, for many dogs, protection is essential against this bronchiseptica. Below, we’ll focus on every single detail of this vaccine, like where you’ll find it, what’s the price of it, and other frequently asked questions. 

Clinical Signs Of Respiratory Infection 

  • Nasal Discharge
  • Sneezing 
  • Congestion 
  • Coughing
  • Watery nasal discharge
  • Pneumonia, inappetence, fever, and lethargy in severe cases

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When To Take Booster Dose?

  • What is the mode of vaccinating your dog? They get the vaccine orally, through the nose, or via injection. 
  • If your dog gets a vaccine through the nose (intranasal), it could be given annually. However, boarding facilities or hospitals may be recommended it every Six months
  • Canine Bordetella (older than 16 weeks), the intranasal vaccine can be given once, and the injectable vaccine should be given twice. In both cases, a booster dose is given the following month.

Bordetella Vaccine Side Effects

  • Typically, vaccines have some mild effect on your body. It can be normal fever, headache, or body pain. In dogs and cats, these symptoms can be noticed by their behavior. The vaccine’s side effects will hardly last for one or two days. 
  • In the case of Bordetella Dog, it may lead to side effects such as low-grade fever. This can happen within 24 hours shortly after the vaccination.
  • This is the usual vaccine reaction that can be seen commonly. Other side effects include laziness and loss of appetite.

Note: If your dog is already ill, it will respond poorly to the vaccine. So, ensure your dog is in reasonable condition at the time of vaccination. 

Are There Severe Allergic Reactions To The Bordetella Dog Vaccine? 

In rare cases, severe allergic reactions can happen to the Bordetella in dogs. These are mentioned below: 

  • Swelling in the faces,
  • Vomiting,
  • Breathing difficulties,
  • Diarrhea
  • Itchiness
  • Anaphylaxis

The reactions mentioned above are rare and can be seen within a few minutes or hours after taking the vaccine. However, it can occur as late as 48 hours following vaccination. 

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Bordetella Vaccine Vs. Kennel Cough 

Bordetella and Kennel Cough are two different terms that are frequently used in coexistence with the Bordetella vaccine. However, they are not the same. It refers to the bacteria Bordetella Bronchiseptica.

It causes swelling in your dog’s upper respiratory tract. If the respiratory tract gets swelled, it causes hacking cough, dry cough, illness, and infection. The symptoms will be diagnosed as kennel cough or infectious tracheobronchitis. 

To know about Kennel Cough, click on this link: Kennel Cough.

Does Law Require For This Vaccine? 

This vaccine for dogs is not mandatory by Law. Mostly, dogs need only the rabies vaccine. But without Bordetella dogs will be denied by several organizations outside. And with vaccination, your dog can build up immunity against Bordetella Bronchiseptica. 

Bordetella Vaccine Killed My Dog – Is It Safe or Risky?

Is It Safe or Risky
In This Image, Bordetella Vaccine Killed My Dog – Is It Safe or Risky

Some people don’t believe in the This vaccine. They feel this vaccine is not safe. Is it true? No, it is not valid. However, the common consensus in the medical community is that vaccination protection outweighs vaccination risk. Yes, vaccination has side effects like sneezing, low-grade fever, and soreness around the vaccination site. Grave consequences are rare. 

Note: Before vaccination, contact your vet to guarantee the best care. If your dog is pregnant, then this vaccine can risk its health. 

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Bordetella Vaccine Cost

The most important thing is how much it costs. The price of the Bordetella vaccine for dogs varies with the situation. It depends on where you are taking this vaccine. Some veterinarians offer complete annual care. In that case, the price includes check-up service as well as shots. In comparison, animal shelters provide photos for notably less. However, this vaccine is usually available to you for just $40. 

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What Is Bordetella Vaccine for Dogs?

This vaccine can prevent your dog from Kennel cough, a respiratory disease that can cause heavy cough. However, not all dog is given this vaccine. Those whose requirements are different need this. 

Bordetella Vaccine How Often?

This is one of the most common respiratory infections among dogs and cats. This is caused by a bacteria called Bordetella Bronschiseptica, which can damage lung tissues. This disease is contagious and caught if your dog comes in contact with another affected dog. 

What are the symptoms of Bordetella in a dog? 

Bordetella is a bacterium that causes respiratory disease. Dry hacking cough, watery nasal discharge, pneumonia, inappetence, fever, and lethargy are a few cases of Bordetella.