What Causes Dog Lick Pus Or Wounds & What to Do?

When you see your Dog lick pus, immediately try to stop it. However, if your dog keeps licking pus seek out a veterinarian’s help.  Dogs are so desperate about what happens to their body. They just want to know about anything new and unexplored. It’s just like humans disturbing wounds. It seems so disgusting but licking pus is so self-soothing for the dogs. Another primary reason for a dog licking pus is to clean bacteria. 

How to Prevent the Dog Lick Pus? 

Prevent the Dog Lick Pus
In This Image, How to Prevent the Dog Lick Pus? 

Following are the numerous ways through which you can prevent the dog from licking wounds and pus – 

  • Inflatable collar – It is filled with air or foam and designed to prevent the animal from licking. 
  • Elizabethan collar – This collar is made with plastic and fabric and tied around the neck to prevent dogs from licking wounds. 
  • Boots, bandages, and clothing – These are used to cover the wound so that a Dog can’t lick Wounds. 
  • Wound Dressings – Hydrocolloids and alginate are used to protect dogs from infections. 

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What Happens If My Dog Lick Pus?

It is not recommended for a dog to lick pus. Pus contains a combination of dead cells, bacteria, and other debris that can be harmful to a dog if ingested.

  • Risk Of Ingesting Bacteria: Ingesting bacteria can lead to an infection in the dog’s mouth or spread the infection to other parts of the body
  • Risk Of Further Irritation/Damage: Licking wounds can make the wounds even worse and it does not promote healthy recovery. 

How Can You Tell If Your Dog’s Wound Is Infected From Licking? 

  • Capnocytophaga Canimorsus – It is a species of Gram-negative bacteria found in the oral cavity of dogs. 
  • Rabies- Rabies is a fatal virus affecting mammals’ central nervous system, including dogs. 
  • Giardiasis- Giardiasis is an infection of the small intestine caused by the protozoan parasite. 
  • Echinococcosis- This is a hydatid disease, a parasitic infection caused by the larvae of the tapeworm
  • Dog tapeworm- Dog tapeworm is life taking bacteria that attacks feces or the anus. 

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Can Dogs Lick My Wounds?

  • Yes, dogs can lick your wound. They just do not want to leave anything untouched and most probably unlocked. But you must stop your Dog from doing that.
  • Dogs’ saliva contains millions of bacteria that can cause many types of infections. It can put your health in trouble.   

What If A Dog Continues Licking His Wound?

  • Continued licking of a wound can delay healing of that area and cause further irritation or infection. It is very important to resist the dog from licking the wound.
  • And to keep the wound covered with a bandage or other protective dressing. If the wound does not heal or continues to be licked, it is important to visit a veterinarian. 

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Wounds?

  • Dog licks their wound to reduce irritation and burning sensation Licking makes their Wounds less painful and soothes them uncomfortably.
  • Although it may be soothing to dogs, licking wounds can cause many infections and Dog Health problems. So it is better not to let your Dog lick its Wounds. 

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Can a Dog Hurt Himself by Licking a Wound?

No, your Dog is less likely to hurt himself by licking his wound because it is their habitual action. Still, you need to stop your Dog from licking as it can cause various infections. 

Final Thought

A Dog licks pus or wounds can become big trouble and may cause severe diseases like a tapeworm. So, If you notice your dog licking pus, it is best to contact your veterinarian for advice.

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