Why does my dog smell like fish

Like humans, the Dog also has odor. But sometimes, it is unbearable for an owner to live with the foul smell. Some owners think, “ Why does my dog smell like fish?” Well, it is not just the smell that is noticeable. But you should also think, why does it happen? If your Dog smells horrible, it may be ill, or it is the food that is responsible for your Dog’s foul odor. This blog feature some common reason for the foul smell of your Dog. Check to find yours! Also, we give you some tips to prevent your Dog from it. 

Whatever The Reason, Let’s Discover! 

Do you ever think about why this happened? This is because you are feeding them a fish-based diet. However, it may also happen when they face problems related to anal sacs, dental issues, or digestive infections. Some of the main reasons Dog smell like fish are: Why does my dog smell like fish?

Why does my dog smell like fish: Dental Issues 

The sour smell of your Dog may be due to dental problems. Many breeders don’t brush their Dog’s teeth regularly, which causes infection. Periodontal disease is the most common type of dental illness found in 84 per cent of dogs. Professional dental cleaners can treat this disease.

Why does my dog smell like fish: Gastrointestinal Disorders

Like we burp due to indigestion or acidity, dogs also burp. When they (dogs) are going through food allergies, the Why does my dog smell like fish. Take your Dog to the veterinarian. Acid reflux, also called gastroesophageal reflux, can also cause foul-smelling breath. 

Why does my dog smell like fish: When Its Anal Smell Like Fish 

If your Dog’s butt is smelling, it may happen due to an anal gland problem. The anal gland is also known as anal pouches on either side of the anus of your Dog. These sacs contain specific sweat glands that release deadly smells.

Dogs usually search for another dog by this. Have you seen Dog taking an interest in another Dog’s excrement? This is the reason behind it. Dogs exhale their anal sacs when they are scared. It emits a fishy smell, so if your Dog smells like a fish, then anal glands must be the reason behind it. 

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Why does my dog smell like fish: Some Allergies

If your Dog has some allergies, they may cause a fishy smell. Allergies can cause excessive licking that builds bacteria on the skin. Later, this bacteria leads to a foul smell. 

Why does my dog smell like fish: If Your Dog’s Pee Smells Fishy

Why does my dog smell like fish? : If your Dog’s urine smells bad, it means they are facing some urine infection, bladder or kidney stones. Thus, if you notice that your Dog’s pee is getting a worse smell, contact your vet as soon as possible. If they are facing some infection, antibiotics will be prescribed. If it is dangerous, then further tests are required. 

I have already told you why my dog smells like fish. Now, you know very well what is the reason behind your dog’s bad odor. If it’s a dental problem brush their teeth daily, if it is some severe issue take them to the vet. 

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Some Dogs Are Smaller Than Others

One Dog can have more odor than another. It all depends on the age, breed and sex of the dogs. E.g. Retrievers and Cocker Spaniels have oilier skin coats than Boston Terriers. The more oil is produced, the more smell is produced. Do you know why my dog smells like fish? There are altricial glands, in the footpads, of your Dog, which can also have a stinky odor.  

Some Skin Disease Causes Terrible Odor

Many skin diseases can cause a foul odor. Why does my dog smell like fish, A few of them are mentioned below: 

  • Bacterial Skin Disease
  • Fungal Skin Disease
  • Dandruff or Seborrhea
  • Ear Infections

These have mild or severe odors depending upon the condition of your Dog. Severe body odor, which may result from an ear infection or certain skin infections, needs attention. 

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Can I Bathe My Dog If It Smells Like Fish? 

Why does my dog smell like fish , If your Dog smells fishy, you can bathe them. To bathe your Dog, use dog-safe shampoo. Remember, do not let water into his ears. After bathing your Dog brush his fur. You can also use disinfectant spray. 

My Female Dog Smells Like Fish

If your female Dog smells like fish, it could be a sign of a medical condition. Due to yeast r bacterial infection, a light-colored discharge comes out from the vagina of your female Dog. This infection of the vagina is called vaginitis. 

However, when the uterus of a Dog (female) is infected, a white-yellowish discharge appears out of the vagina. This infection of the uterus is called pyometra. Your female puppy smells like this too. 

Note: So, if your female Dog smells like a fish, take them to the veterinarian as soon s possible. 

When To Pay Attention To Dog’s smell! 

why my dog smells like fish: If the fishy smell is coming out of your Dog and it has been 3-4 days, then you should consult a vet. Vets are trained to detect problems, so they will quickly discover their reason. Generally, if you detect the problem earlier, it will be easier to treat them. Also, it costs you less! 

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Some Ways To Prevent Fishy Smell From Your Dog 

Ghosh! This fishy smell is scary! Isn’t it? But no need to worry. We will tell you some ways to prevent this awful smell. They are: 

  • You can reduce the smell by brushing the teeth of your Dog as soon as possible. Ideally, once daily. Use a brush that has soft bristles. 
  • Groom your pet’s hair regularly so that they do not catch any infection. Also, you need to groom their anal glands. 
  • Feed your Dog a balanced diet to keep their skin and coat healthy. High fiber foods can prevent your Dog from stinking. You can also add yogurt, cottage cheese and some fermented foods in fermented form. Remember, healthy food means a healthy gut!

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Why Does My Dog Smell Like Fish-FAQs

Why does my dog smell so foul?

The medical reason behind the foul smell of Dogs is yeast or bacterial infection on the skin or inside the ears. Due to some allergies, your Dog may catch the infection and smells terrible.

Is there a dog breed that doesn’t stink?

Yes, many dogs don’t stink. One of them is Yorkshire Terrier. They have been bred throughout the year to reproduce a perfect lap dog, which doesn’t smell.

Do dogs make your house smell? 

Dogs sweat in their paws, and through their fur, it has a foul smell too. They roll on your carpet, sit on your sofa and leave a bad smell in your house wherever they go. This causes your home to smell like a dog.