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Frog butt is an unofficial term used to describe the rear end of many types of frogs. It is typically a combination of the animal’s hind legs, thighs, and tail. The term is often used in a humorous way and is not meant to be taken seriously.

Frog Butt Crested Gecko

  • The crested Gecko has the most unique butt among all creatures.
  • They have a long V-shaped butt along with a vent that is quite extended from their body. 

Rain Frog Butt

  • Generally, rain frogs have round shapes and small butts when compared to their overall bulky body.
  • Rain frogs have clearly visible butt cheeks which are less common in other species of frog.

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Frog Butt Cheeks

  • Frog butt Cheeks are a slang term used to describe the pair of bulging skin pouches located on the back of certain species of frogs.
  • These Frog Breeds skin pouches are used to store fat, help the frog maintain body temperature, and also help the frog absorb shock when jumping.

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