Coconut Crab

Today we’ll talk about Coconut Crab. As it is said, the monster cab. They are large cabs that come in a variety of colors. They are also claimed to be capable of eating people. You shouldn’t be shocked. It is alleged to have swallowed Amelia Earhart, who went missing over the Pacific Ocean in 1937.

Camel Spider

Are you familiar with the Camel Spider? It’s not a camel, but a spider. They have a large body. They are nocturnal creatures by nature. There are a lot of rumors regarding them. Read this blog to find out more about these rumors. Introduction They are creatures that look like spiders. The arachnid order Solifugae

Luna Moth

Today we will discuss Luna Moth the caterpillar. They are the largest among the moths in North America. It is a delicate creature with an amazing defense mechanism. To know what this mechanism is, read this blog. This blog also contains information about the size, biology, and diet of this creature.  Luna Moth Caterpillar The size

Goliath Birdeater Size, Albino, Biggest Spider in the World

Goliath Birdeater biggest spider in the world is officially considered. The word goliath is meant to be large and powerful, so these spiders are.  Lizards and spiders attract the curiosity of certain people. As a result, they have domesticated them. However, domesticating this creature as a pet is not simple. So, before getting one as a


We’re going to talk about the Millipede today. They can be your best buddy because they eat decades from your surroundings, as well as bugs in some circumstances. Here is some information about this breed that demonstrates why they make good companions. So go ahead and continue reading. Description They are a group of arthropods that