Monitor Lizard: Things you didn’t know about them

We’ll talk about the Monitor lizard today. In the Genus Varanus family, it is regarded as a very huge lizard. Since they are easily searched lizards, we will inform you about them today. Introduction The Varanidae family includes the huge lizard known as the Monitor Lizard. They have substantial bodies, long necks, and robust tails.

Crested Gecko

We’ll talk about the most popular lizard pet today. Can you guess what it’s called? This is, after all, a Crested Gecko. They are thought to be suitable pets for both experienced and inexperienced people. Read this blog to learn how to care for them as pets and how they live in the wild. Introduction

Tokay Gecko

This is another lizard species on which this article is based. Tokay Gecko is its name. It’s most frequent in Southeast and East Asia. They are pale blue to grey in colour and have polka dot-like dots. They, like the Leopard Gecko, maybe both wild and tamed. Read on to learn how to care for

Leopard Gecko

If you have an interest in Reptiles then today we will discuss a unique kind of reptile. It is a lizard but different from most of them. We are talking about Leopard Gecko. These small reptiles can be domesticated and survive in the wild. Read this blog to learn how to care for them as