Maned Wolf, Size, Height, Habitat, Sound, Diet, Brazil, Facts

The Maned wolf is a large canine from the land of South America. It is mainly found in Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, and Paraguay regions. In Uruguay, they are almost extinct. Though the markings are similar to foxes, these animals are neither wolves nor foxes. They are the only species of the Chrysocyon, meaning the “golden dog.”

Red Fox

It is a Red Fox. They have red fur on their face. It is the largest of the true foxes. Also, it is one of the rarest mammals in North America. Although they look dangerous, they are not harmful to human beings except few cases.  Why Choosing Red Fox? Long snouts and red fur on

Fennec Fox

It is a Fennec Fox. It has huge ears and a short face. They can be wild as well as domesticate also. But training them could be hard for you. So, before taking any decision just read below to get some idea about it.  Fennec Fox With its huge ears, short face, and pointed snout,


It is a large animal, Yak. It can also be domesticated. There are a lot of factors that could be different between wild and domesticated forms. Their color is one illustration of this. Read on to learn more about their diet and way of life, both in the wild and as pets: Introduction They are

Kodiak Bear

Kodiak Bear is our topic today. It is a subspecies of Brown bears. It is a huge bear with a giant body and thick fur. This blog contains all the information about this huge creature.  Kodiak Brown Bear It is strong, and its fur is thick. They have long, thick brown fur that covers every

Sun Bear

They have bib-shaped golden patches on their chest. Because of this patch, they are called Sun Bear. Let me tell you they are not like other bears, they are very cute. They are black, grey or red. This blog contains all the information about these creatures like their scientific name, features, lifestyles, reproduction, and fun