It is Hedgehog. From the name, you must think that they are some breed of dog. But, they are not. It is a small mammal. It is closely related to the mongoose. Read this blog to learn more about them. Introduction They come in a variety of colors, found in bands along their quills, ranging


It is a small creature. It is Meerkat and belongs to the mongoose family. They are known for standing straight. But do you know why they stand erect? To get your answer you need to scroll below.  Introduction The mongoose family includes meerkats, which resemble weasels. They are little creatures with brown and gray fur. Along with


Today we will talk about a very small creature Bushbaby as we know we tell you about different types of animals. This little creature is overflowing with cuteness. The biggest thing about this monster is that their eyes appear to be protruding outward in size. Scroll below to know more about them.   Bushbaby Primates called


Although it appears to be a monkey, it is not. It is Kinkajou. It has dense, woolly fur that works as a raincoat to keep them dry. To know what is the basic difference between monkeys and Kinkajou read this article. It will also tell you what is the behavior of Kinkajou, how they interact

Sugar Glider

Today we will discuss a very cute animal that is Sugar Glider. They are also known as Small marsupials. To know more about them read this blog.  Sugar Glider Small marsupials known as sugar gliders belong to the same family as kangaroos and koala bears. They were domestically produced as family pets in the United